Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Little One's Life: Month One to Three

Wow, does time fly?!?! The older I get, the more true this statement seems to become.

Our little one is 3 months old! I wanted to write a post that was dedicated to her first 3 months of life (of course, pictures are included, keep reading). 

To sum up the first 3 months of life, what can I say? Goodness she is growing and changing daily! Here are the memories and milestones of our first 3 months of enjoying being first-time parents:

·     Month 1- Payton began to get to know her family and had MANY firsts, such as diaper change, bath, feedings, meeting family/friends, etc. She started to lift her head up and LOVES looking around. When upset, she will show her perfected pouty face (complete with the bottom lip sticking completely out). After each and every feeding, Payton loves to stretch and pose for us. What a miracle she is!

·     Month 2- Wow, what a talker we have. Payton loves to babble to us throughout her day and at night when she doesn’t think she needs to go to bed! At 8 weeks, we were blessed to have a baby sleeping 8 hours through the night. Words cannot express how excited I was to get some sleep! During this month, Payton also smiled at us, on purpose! Mommy and Daddy took Payton with them as they looked and talked to daycare providers and finally selected the perfect daycare. She is such a happy baby. We wrapped up the month with Payton beginning to develop her little laugh.

Month 3- The best sound in the world is your child’s laugh! We can’t get enough of Payton laughing! On 8/4, she was baptized by the same priest that married her Mother and Father more than 4 years before her birth. The baptism was also her first long road trip, about 3.5 hours one-way. She did great! Payton also started daycare, which was much easier for her than it was for Mommy. At the end of the month, Payton was almost rolling. 

       About the pictures: We wanted to take monthly pictures for the first year to include in her baby album. Just like with pregnancy, we couldn’t just snap a picture quickly. Each picture was planned to match what was going on in her life at that time. We used scrabble tiles in a scrabble holder to mark the month.

Life is just much more enjoyable when you take the extra moment to put a creative spin on it!

What milestones did you highlight for your children?

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