Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Festivities: A parade, bounce house, and splash pad... oh my!

Pregnancy, the heat and humidity, and our daughter's eczema seem to have really slowed us down this summer. We had spent most of last week stuck indoors for those reasons so when the weekend rolled around we decided it was time to get outdoors for a bit. Lucky for us, our town was having their yearly celebration and gave us several festivities to attend with our daughter.

First, we kicked off our Friday with a bounce house party in the center of our town. Our daughter had a blast despite my concern that she would be scared to go without her parents into the bounce house. She totally shocked me when she had no issues. Sad moment for mommy. I was proud, too, but it's amazing how independent she has become.

Our local (and new) hamburger joint offered free ice cream and we couldn't resist stopping in for some of that! Ice cream, hamburgers, and malts are where it's at.

On Saturday, we watched a local parade and Payton collected more candy than a 2 year old should ever have at once! I gladly helped her consume her bag of goodies. Afterwards, we did some quick shopping downtown before heading to our new splash pad! We are so excited that our town built this! It was a total hit for our family.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

DIY: Sandbox

For our child's first birthday, we made her a kid's sized picnic table that converts into benches. It was a total hit for our daughter (as well as for us)! We decided then that we would want to give a handmade present of some sort for birthdays hence forth. The next year, we failed. For her second birthday, we didn't have time to make the gift we wanted to (I have a million excuses why). We did buy her a play house that she enjoyed though. 

Not to despair! We (by we, I mean my husband and his father) have since found the time to make a sandbox for our child and she couldn't be happier:

That's her doing the happy dance!

The sandboxes with bench seats seems to be very popular right now and I have seen several individuals locally selling them. I also regularly see them on Facebook and Pinterest. We loosely followed these plans for this sandbox. Most of the plans we found were for a 4 foot by 4 foot sandbox but we decided to go a bit bigger (go big or go home approach is typically our way) and did a 6 foot x 8 foot. sandbox It's seriously BIG! The great news is that it nicely folds up when we are done using it!

We have only had the sandbox for a few weeks but have found so much enjoyment from it! My husband and a friend also had a castle building contest over a random weekend after having a few too many drinks! I think it's safe to say, we are all enjoying this new toy!

In other news, I am 36 weeks pregnant with our baby boy! Holy cow, has time flown by! I definitely feel like I am about to pop at any given moment. I'm hoping to get an update on the pregnancy done this week. 

What updates do you have from your week?

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Children's Museum

We have been wanting to take our toddler to our nearest children's museum for quite some time now. With our due date for baby #2 rapidly approaching, it was time to put the pedal to the metal and make the trip to the museum. This mean a 40 minute drive one-way. We found the experience well worth it! 

Payton only made it a little over an hour at the museum, which we expected. It was a lot to take in for her. Boy was she busy for that period of time though. And so excited. And so happy. She had a blast shopping for groceries, putting boats in the water, meeting other chdren, and shoving a whole weeks worth of activities into 60 minutes.

If you have a children's museum nearby and haven't made the trip with your child yet, I believe you will find it going to at least once! I looked into the membership pass and that could be worth getting if you think you will be able to go frequently. Our family would only need to go about 4 times to break even with the yearly fee.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Goals Update

Since it's been over a month since I shared my summer goals for 2015 with you, I wanted to check in and give an update about where we are with meeting our goals now. I am not sure how much progress will be made after this post as I feel our baby due date is sneaking up on us. At our last ob appointment, we learned this baby could definitely be coming earlier than mid-July. Gulp! That is right around the corner!

In any case, here's our current progress:

1. Increase Payton's Library Attendance
I would say that I have made it to over half of these weekly sessions in the last month. At least one time story time was cancelled by the library, so missing that one wasn't my fault. I would say we are at least progressing on this goal, for now!

2. Get Outside
This goal is not going well. We have had high heat mixed with high levels of humidity. Not a good combination. The mosquitoes are out in full force and, despite using bug spray constantly, we are getting eaten alive. I'm very afraid of getting West Nile from these pesky creatures so unfortunately this has kept us indoors.

When we get outside, for brief periods of time, we are enjoying our time!

3. Prepare for Baby 
I still have not started our baby boy's room yet and I feel like this is a ticking time bomb. I could end up waiting too long and having to figure this out after he arrives.

On the plus side, I have been stocking up on basic items we use frequently (kleenex, toilet paper, and napkins) and have started getting freezer meals (beef and corn enchiladas, muffins, pizza crust, and breakfast burritos are done) in the freezer. When my daughter was born, the last thing we wanted to do was run to the store for anything!

Of course, I am already out of freezer room though and we have now decided to buy a new freezer to have as a spare. Since our current deep freeze is always full, it is probably time to add the second freezer. As we continue to buy our meat yearly and freeze apples from our apple tree our new freezer should stay stocked. Talk about expensive though! 

4. Grow a Garden
Done and done! The biggest issue now is we are not taking the time to weed like we should. We are hoping to get better at this. My grandmother came to visit and has helped us tremendously with the gardening.

5. Take a Quick, Close to Home Vacation
This may or may not even be a realistic goal. My husband's work schedule has had him traveling like crazy, but I hope to make a quick getaway before our next little one arrives. Before our daughter, we used to vacation all over the world but those trips have been postponed (indefinitely) while growing our family. We did take a quick vacation last year over Valentine's day and we had such a blast! I miss traveling and seeing the world sometimes, but for now, I really love our quick weekend road trips that happen annually with my expanding family.

How are your goals coming along?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's Weighing On My Mind This Week

Do you ever have a week where you feel like you just have too much on your mind? I'm there this week. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I think it's just a passing mood and I'm now focused on trying to get through my mental struggles. Although this can be hard to admit to, here are some of the things I'm struggling with now:


We aren't necessarily struggling financially but prior to changing from a full-time employee to an extremely part-time employee we were on the fast track to becoming debt-free (including our mortgage). Not having the extra income has increased our debt payoff plan by several years. I feel so blessed to be able to be with my child every day, but I'm struggling to accept that this decision extends when we will eliminate our debt once and for all.

*Mom Guilt

I feel like I have been ending each day this week with lots of mom guilt weighing on me. Pregnancy isn't an excuse but I'm far enough along now that I'm moving much slower, have less energy, and find moving around much more challenging. My child is an active toddler with a wide range of fluctuating emotions and I am challenged lately with keeping my emotions in check. 

I feel that society puts a lot of pressure on being this supermom that does everything and has her child involved in everything, all while keeping a clean house. I'm constantly reminded I can't measure up to that ideal, although I can admit that I try my hardest.

* My Husband

We all go through our own struggles in life. It's hard for me to watch my husband go through a hard time that I can't change. Work has been extremely demanding for him and when he's home he is trying to finish our basement before baby #2 arrives. This leaves little personal and family time. I pray that I am meeting his needs and supporting him in the way he needs me to during this time.

*Baby #2

I am so excited for our new baby to come but I am also so nervous for the transition. I don't do well with change. Any change. I've always been very resistant and struggle with adjusting to life changes. It's been over a year since we bought and moved to our new house and I would say I'm still adjusting to that! I am just thinking about the changes coming up and trying to keep myself open to this time in my life.

This seems like such a downer post in many ways! These worries and struggles are real for me, but I know they won't last. They do reflect my current season of life, which will change.

On a lighter note, my daughter has quite the personality coming out! She is known as miss bossy pants at our house and loves to accessorize with jewelry, hats, and her shoes. She loves picking out her outfits and does a really good job most of the time! I'm so loving getting to know her personality!

Oh, and I'm totally in love with her mess of curly hair.

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