Tuesday, September 8, 2020

All Things August Related

 I totally spaced doing an August recap. And, today, when I realized how I forgot, I almost skipped a month. I mean, it's just one month and I do a recap every month for my kids. It would have probably gone unnoticed really. 

But.... Payton started 1st grade that month after 5 months of summer (thank you COVID), and Riley started another year of preschool with me, and Jayden was finally without a cast and then back into a cast (more on that below). We also sold off our last rental house and celebrated this bittersweet ending for us. So we really couldn't skip this month in particular. So, I am throwing this post together quickly on a gloomy Tuesday right after Labor day Monday. It seriously looks like winter is coming and we could get snow any minute. So, a good time to recap the end of summer for our family.

This month is a jumble of a mess, I have to warn you. I try to put pictures together in sections but for some reason my page isn't allowing me to rearrange anything. So, a photo dump with a quick description under each picture. 

I'm sure when my children read this many years from now, they will forgive me.

So here it is:

A little cleaning.

We cleaned out our closets and found our inflatable mattress. It still works but we decided it was time to donate it since we maybe used two times in the last decade. The kids loved playing on it for a  minute and were sad to see it go.
Goodbyes are never easy for us. This was our time to say farewell to our last rental and our rental business as a whole. Maybe for forever? Maybe for a year or two and we'll get back into it? Time will tell. This sale was so bittersweet for all of us though in so many ways.

We continued working the garden. We love having a garden and flowers and succulents all around. 

We went and had a picnic in the park after taking Payton to school on the first day. It was a rainy day so not as ideal but was still a lot of fun for us. 
The kids begged for sugar cookies and the boys really wanted Halloween themed. Is it every the wrong time for Fall decor?!?!?

Playing at the park as a family. 
Jayden, our sweet boy, had to have surgery done. We knew about this surgery at birth. This was the first of 2. We are almost a month in as I write this and he has transitioned great and I think he is healing so well.
This first week of school, homemade pretzels were requested. Riley and I made them one day before picking Payton up from school and while Jayden was still napping. 

We sure miss our sister during the day. Extra thankful when she is home with us again.
Feeding chickens!
The kids love reading stories together before bed. We don't always have enough time to read books but we soak up the moments we do. 
Payton snuggling Maggie
The kids are really getting into Yoga. 
Not even a full week into school and Payton brought home a cold. That spread through the rest of us. 
Garage sales in our area are the best. Payton found some inexpensive outfits, new with tags just before starting school. 
We made time to make cookies!
And cheesecake!

Enjoying our last trip to the splash pad for the year!

Loving on her chickens!

We got out to see the trains before the summer ended as well.
One last breakfast before school begins again.

And then it begins, 1st grade:

As I mentioned before, we made Halloween sugar cookies for her to come home to and decorate:

And we also got in so much park time.
Each day, Riley and I get a small window of time together while Jayden naps and Sis is at school. On this day, we swam. There is no denying that this is one of our favorite periods of time together and we both look so forward to it. 
Handsome Jayden. 
The picture above and below are both during our daily times together. The one above, Monte was home as well so Riley and I left the house to go play at our local coffee shop together. Below, we played soccer together.

When everyone is home and awake, you can find our kids outside eating fresh fruit and being creative. 
Payton made a swing in our tree for her babies!
A picture taken right after Payton came home from school and ran straight through the sprinklers in our yard and then the pivot, hitting our side road. We are always so happy to have her home where she belongs.

Oh, August, it came and went quickly. And now we are over a week into September. Life just gets busier and busier for our family. 

Hope all is well for you and you are enjoying your time as much as we are!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

July Recap 2020

Well, Spring Break is finally about to come to an end for our family as we continue to make our way through the Pandemic of 2020. As I write this, school starts in a week. It's been about 5 months since we were there last. So many mixed feelings. A little nervous about starting school back up again, a little ready for a more "normal" schedule once more, and really really thankful for our time spend living under a rock. Our household was truly safe, secure, and happy just being at home. But, we knew this season wouldn't last forever. So, on with the show.

For now, let's recap our July, starting with our 4th:

We spent the day together as a family. So much outside time. We pulled the camper up to our firepit and day camped. We ended the night with s'mores and fireworks. The big kids stayed up late to watch the city's fireworks from our house. Overall, it was quiet but still so much fun for us.
In all our down time, my daughter and I have begun to really enjoy relaxing together. We have been doing some at home spa care activities. The boys are not brave enough to try but love laughing about. Payton is now thinking this mask will work as her mask requirement for school. 

Grandma came to visit and we had soooo much fun for her. Seeing guests requires a mask for our household but we still welcome and enjoy the company. We played outside, and made unicorn jello cups (thanks for bringing Grandma) and laughed all day long.
We got out to the park for the day and my mother snapped this picture of the kids with me. I'm so grateful for all life has to offer me. 

We went camping during this month, as an extra celebration for Riley's birthday. So much swimming and fishing and fun in the sun. The kids are begging to go again.
Little man with daddy. He is as happy as can be. 
Riley was so very spoiled by friends with gifts, including these books. They have been found reading books together all over the house. 
Our garden! Although we spend a lot of time here, it has just done okay this year. We did get raspberries and are hoping for cantaloupe and watermelon. We have been quite successful in turning compost into dirt though! 
One day the clouds were so vivid, I just had to snap this picture of our property. So quaint and the place that I feel so at home in. 
Early mornings you can find my boys playing together. Here they are creating maps for their treasure hunt. We try to focus on quiet activities while our daughter sleeps in, while she can. 

But once she's up, we play hard:
After getting a ton of rain, I let the kids out in their rain boots to run in the puddles. They were soaked and muddy and asked for an extra long bubble bath after. Which, of course, I said yes to. 
This boy. So happy. So, so happy even with all he's been through medically. And for that, I am so grateful. He reminds me that although we can't always choose our circumstances, we can choose our mood. I'm so blessed that God chose me to be his mother. I got out for a 1 on 1 date with him a few weeks ago and he chose supper at the park and to play:
I'm soaking up these times with my babies. And all the "dates" I take them on.
She requested tropical sno.
He did, too. 
He also requested the coffee shop for a bonus extra date and had to bring his power ranger cutout with him. 
But we are really the best when we are all together. This was taken at the park as we went to do their story walk. Not all bad things come in a set of 3.

We also got out to go fishing at the park. Both kids caught one fish and declared they were done. 

And then we find ourselves lost in our world at our house: 

Bedtime stories. Payton is loving reading books before bed to her brothers. I cherish these moments.
Picking apples from our trees,
and finding random pictures on my phone that my children have taken. They also make videos. It's always a surprise for me and I love seeing the stuff they come up with. 

To another good month. Back to reality in August. I'm thankful to God for this quiet season. I know that I will always look back on this time with fondness for our own household as we quietly weathered out the storm. 

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