Monday, August 15, 2016

A Wedding Weekend to Remember

We had a whirlwind weekend that started and ended with a 3.25 hour trip to our hometown and back. My sister was getting married and we were excited to be back on our old stomping grounds. The timing was especially sentimental for me as this was the same weekend my hometown has their fair and carnival. It was an annual end of summer tradition for us growing up and school always started the next week.

With all the wedding craziness we were unable to actually make it to the fair and carnival. Maybe next year.

My siblings, their families, and my parents all live in my hometown so we are always guaranteed a good time when we return. We had a rehearsal dinner on Friday evening followed by an outside supper. On Saturday morning my father and I took Payton to pick sweet corn in a local corn field. She is a country girl hands down and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country before the wild ride of wedding festivities started.

Despite Payton rarely taking naps, we were blessed that she chose this day to take a nap. Riley also took 2 good naps as well. The ceremony and reception started late in the evening and would go well into the night and we wanted her to rest before that.

The ceremony and wedding were an absolute blast. The reception was held in my sister's back yard and the scene was so cozy and intimate. She had a dj and our kids danced the night away and ate their fill on cake. Payton said the dancing was her favorite part. Mine, too.

The next day we wanted to take Payton to the fair before leaving town but, after arriving, we found out it wasn't open until the afternoon. So, we went to the park instead.

After another round of cake, we all loaded on the vehicle and headed back for home. I would love to say our kids slept (because they were desperately behind on sleep at this point) but they didn't. It was a long ride home with crabby, tired babies. I did snap some gorgeous pictures in the ride though.

I love living in the Midwest! The views are awesome. We are taking a quiet day today as I try to get caught up on laundry and we all get some rest in.

I hope your weekend went well!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life Update

Next week, August begins. Summer is flying by quickly around here. I try to keep our summer low key but somehow it ended up much busier than I initially thought. Today though, we are hanging out on our small piece of land and enjoying apples from our apple tree. This experience is new for Riley and his feelings are written all over his face.
It is fair week here and the kids are also loving this experience. We took the kids to play a few games at the carnival and see all the exhibits and animals and the fair. Payton's dance instructor happens to have pigs entered and let Payton feed a marshmallow to a pig. Guess what animal Payton wants next?
And speaking of dance teacher, Payton took dance class and gymnastics this summer. It was a good way for us to test the waters at a discounted rate. She had a blast but I'm not sure what she'll do this fall. Between the two classes and the library's reading challenge, we were really busy during the week with activities. It was a lot to take on with 2 kids and balancing out naps, meals, and moods.
Although I don't know what she'll do next, we have a month to decide and just be. That's a beautiful gift. I love having a free schedule and days of no hurrying. So, if you need us, we will be walking, eating popsicles to beat the heat, dining on the patio, and doing any silly thing that comes to mind.
And while we're at it, we'll be sure to keep checking for chicken eggs. Yes, EGGS. Our chickens (well at least one) are finally producing eggs. So far we get one egg daily. We are celebrating each and every one.
Have an eggcellent rest of your week!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Our One Year Old

My youngest baby turned 1 last week. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear. Time seems to have picked up the pace since bringing littles into the world. I can hardly wrap my mind around that.

We now have a 1 year old and a 3 year old running around. When did that happen? It's so surreal.

We spent most of the week celebrating Riley's birthday. Our daughter has a blast singing to him, hanging up decor, and baking cakes for both his smash cake photo shoot and birthday party. He is one happy, lucky boy to have a sister, parents, and family that love him so and came to celebrate his birthday with him.

Riley was such a mess after eating his cake at his birthday party that he got a bath outside, in a storage tote. Grandma added bubbles to it and we watched him splash and play until he was about to fall asleep. He took an extra long nap that afternoon.

We were also a bit late to the game in getting Riley baptized, so we got this done on his party weekend. The intention was that this would make it convenient for our families to attend the baptism. Riley's godmother was unfortunately not able to make it though so we had a grandmother stand in for her. 

Riley, you are such a blessing, so easy going, and always care free. You have made the best addition to our family. Your happiness is so contagious. As I write this today, you went your longest stretch of sleep last night, 8:30pm to 7am. Other than that, you have gotten up at least once (but normally 2-4 times) every night. I'm not sure if you're sleeping through the night will last but I sure enjoyed a good nights sleep!

Happy Birthday Riley. We love you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our 4th of July

We hope you had a great extra-long 4th of July weekend. We enjoyed lots of sun, fun with family, and watching the holiday through our children's eyes. It doesn't get much better than that.

We kicked off the weekend with a visit from my brother, his fiancĂ©, and my nephew, who happens to be 5 months younger than my son. 
They stayed with us for a few days before returning home. My husband still had a few more days at home with us. We stayed around the house. We swam, played with all of our animals, watched a play in the park, brought out the chalk, and shot off fireworks in the evening. 
Our kids are exhausted as we resume somewhat of our normal schedule. We are spending today relaxing and catching up on sleep.
We are starting to plan for our little mr. To turn 1 in exactly 9 days! That day will be here before I know it (or am ready)!

Enjoy your week!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh, How I Love Summer

I haven't had a free moment to blog about our summer, but it's been off to a great (and busy) start. We've been busy enjoying life to the fullest. Our days are filled with breakfasts on the patio, dancing, gymnastics, company, walks, kitties, parades, parties, and pool time. 

At the end of last summer we snagged a great deal on an above ground pool. We were hesitant to put up this summer, but it's totally been worth it already! We are using our pool almost daily.

Last night we went to our nearest big town and watched a live performance outside. It was so fun but the drive home was oh so not fun. Think screaming vehicle. Our toddler is still passed out at 9am (unusual for her these days) while our infant didn't sleep much last night (par for the course). I'm really just going to dump photos of our last few weeks, so here we go:

And can I just say, I feel like I no longer have a baby on my hands but a not quite walking, but close toddler on my hands. He's so grown up.
And he turns 1 in 13 days. My goodness time goes fast.

Summer is my jam! Let the good times roll!