Saturday, November 23, 2013

Birthday Gifts for the Hubby

So the hubby turned 29 this month! Wowza, does that still seem old to me. Okay, I have a much harder time with birthdays than he does! Next year (the Big 3-0 for him) will be killer for me, good thing I don't turn that number for a few more years!

This is his first year with a child so I wanted to get him a gift from his family (2 dogs, daughter, and me) and a personal gift from just me.

Both gifts were ideas fueled by Pinterest and Etsy. Being frugal like I am, I decided to buy one and make the other myself.

This first gift was only from me. I wanted to give my husband a reminder of my love for him. I truly believe the best thing we can do for our daughter is love each other and lead by example the work and effort it takes to make a good marriage work. This little gem was purchased here and says:

To my husband, my love, and my best friend: This is ou happily ever after. thank you for choosing me. You are a great father and provider. Kelly P.S. I love you

The next gift is much less serious and much more fun! It's yard Yahtzee or Yardzee as our household is calling it! I enlisted my brother, a Rockstar at woodworking, to take scrap wood and make 3.5 x 3.5 inch cubes. He then made them to look like dice for me.

I was able to find some Yahtzee scorecards enlarged to fit a sheet of paper. I printed them and then laminated them (lamination paper came from Office Max for less than $4).

The weather has been too cold to play this game outside yet, but that didn't stop us! We played this game on the floor in our basement. We used an empty beer box to shake the dice. Yep, we are that classy!

I must not forget to mention that we started my husbands day off with a Dairy Queen ice cream cupcake... Now life doesn't get better than this:

Happy Birthday to my Hubby! Thanks for letting me enjoy another year with you! I can't wait to see how you finish out your 20's!

What gifts have been you favorite to give/receive this year?

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