Friday, August 28, 2015

My Favorite Time of the Day

When my toddler daughter decided to stop taking day time naps long before I was ready for her to be done (or before she should have stopped), we had to find a new routine to our day. We went many days with almost no routine before deciding we had to implement at least a quiet time to help us all survive the day. We both need a bit of time to relax before returning to the beautiful, chaotic mess that makes up our daily life.

Quiet time at our house is hands down now my favorite part of my day. Even with the addition of our second child. During this one blissful hour, Payton can read books or watch some television but she has to be quiet and still. She spends most of this time sitting with me. Oh how I love these extra cuddle moments. 

Riley doesn't always take his naps during this time so I have found that most days we end up with all 3 of us piled onto the recliner, rocking away the hour. The other day Payton said, "hand" over and over again as she was reaching out. This is typically how she asks for my hand. As I went to grab her hand I realized she didn't want my hand. She wanted to hold her brother's hand while we rested.
Heart melting. Payton, you sure are the sweetest child.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our blur of a week

This has been a long week for us (me) since we didn't get much of a weekend. My husband had left on Sunday to spend time with his family cleaning out his grandparent's house. We decided I would stay home with the kids since they would be overly helpful with cleaning and they also may not survive the 6 hour round-trip drive. So, to save us both of our sanity, my typical week started on Sunday.

With the weather finally cooling down, we have gotten outside a lot! I've been trying to exercise and am using outside time as my chance to squeeze a workout in. Payton loves to ride her bike while I walk/run with Riley in the jogging stroller.  

I got the above picture from a friend and have been dying laughing every time I see it. This is every trip outside with Payton.

On Tuesday, the weather was so nice that we had breakfast outside on the back deck. Payton was so excited about the change from our normal routine that she was singing to us like crazy. I feel blessed to have had my husband find our video camera and was able to record her singing and a small glimpse at our morning together. I know that years from now these will be the moments I miss. 

Grandma came to visit and gave us a good shake up to our week for a few days. She helped with the painting of our pantry. This job has been on the list for about a month now so we are glad it's done, AND that means we have finally completed the addition of a kitchen pantry in our house. 

As Friday arrived, I was ready to throw in the towel. This was just not my day. By the time my husband arrived home I had bathed 2 kids and 2 dogs because I had to (kids had potty accidents and dogs had rolled in something smelly outside). I had also done 4 loads of laundry directly related to these baths when I normally do 1 load of laundry per day. We also have people working in our basement so I was managing that. Combine all of that with almost no sleep and you get one grumpy, tired momma. I plan to pop open a bottle of wine tonight and drink until I can sleep as good as this guy:

I don't think it will take much for me at all!

Cheers to the weekend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

To the Girl Who Loves Accessories


When I look back on your first few years of life, there are a few things that I know will always stand out. The first thing being that you love to smile and laugh. You constantly say "cheese" anytime a phone is out or you want to have a pretend picture taken. If people around you are laughing you will laugh, too, as to not miss out on any of the fun. 

Oh how you love to dance! We typically spend a good chunk of our day dancing around the house. I have videos of you as an infant bopping up and down to music. That bopping has now become head swaying, arms in the air, full body movement as music plays. I want to get you into dance classes terribly bad! Music moves you.

Lastly, I will never forget how you love accessories. There are few tasks you will complete without having a complete outfit on. This includes shoes, jewelry, hair pretties, and/or hats. You have no issues with changing out accessories during the day to keep your look fresh! Your nails are almost always painted. I'm sure this fascination with accessories will become quite expensive for us as you get older.

Please don't change. Laugh when you find things funny. Smile because you are happy. Dance when the music moves you. Dress in the way that makes you feel your best. Know mommy will always be there to support you.



Sunday, August 16, 2015

Riley is 1 month!

We've made it a whole month with baby Riley. In so many ways, it went by so fast, but in other ways it feels like we came home from the hospital years ago. Riley is such a blessing to our little family and blends in with us perfectly.

Since he hasn't mastered a ton of skills yet, we will focus on the basics (sleeping and eating). He seems to have a good handle on both of these. Riley feeds like a champ and demands to be fed at each 2-3 hour interval without fail.

When it comes to sleep, I really don't have much to complain about either. Riley loves to be held, rocked, and cuddled to sleep. We try to get as much time meeting this need as possible. It is more challenging with a toddler in the house, too. I'm finding that my Moby works wonders for balancing both kids!

Riley loves his long afternoon naps (3 hours typically) and is in bed between 6-7PM each night. At night, he wakes to be fed about every 3 hours. It takes about an hour to get him changed, fed, and back to sleep. I really have no issues with this as his sister was completely opposite. She had her days and nights backwards and was up most of the night at this age. I can appreciate getting some sleep at night this time around.

Morning naps are very short, usually lasting 20-40 minutes. This seems to be the period where he has the most awake time. Payton loves to read and sing to her baby brother as I make breakfast. She also loves to have him hang out with her after we finish eating. Sometimes this means going outside, playing cars, or watching a movie together. With the heat, unless we can get out early, we have been stuck inside for the most part! Bring on fall weather!

I did make it out for the first time on my own with the two kids. This trip was chaotic and makes me fear any subsequent outings! It took 2 hours from start to finish just to get both kids and myself ready and walking out the door. It's amazing how I would start to think I was ready only to have Payton ask for food or Riley need another diaper change. I almost cancelled our trip altogether a hundred times while we were getting ready.

As we walked to the car, both kids were crying. Why was I leaving the house again? I pushed forward and took the kids to the library. They both did well but chasing a toddler around while hauling an infant carrier everywhere was a struggle. I was ready for a coffee as soon as we got back home.

I am looking forward to what the next month has in store for us. We have a lot going on including a wedding I am in, family visiting, and me returning to work (part time, work from home). I see more craziness balancing the 2 children to come!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Watching A Bond Form

It's really a gift to give your child a sibling. As the oldest of three, I know I haven't always agreed with this thought. Time has said otherwise. My siblings and their families play intricate roles in my life today. If I could sit down and share a meal with someone, I would almost always pick someone in my immediate family. I love having them around and miss them the second they leave. 

I know my children will not always get along. Someday, possibly in the distant future, I am hopeful they will be the best of friends. I pray their relationship grows and they share a bond that keeps their lives intertwined always.

Watching my babies bond in these few short weeks has been the biggest blessing. Our daughter took to her brother with open arms and loves him for all that he is. For this, my heart is full.

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