Thursday, May 11, 2017

Getting Outside This Week

This may be my shortest post ever. The weather has warmed up and we are outside again. I love being outdoors and it always feels the best after coming out of a long winter. So, I will use less words and more pictures to show you what our week looks like.
Outside smoothies, gardening, and swinging galore. That pretty much wraps up our week.

Payton is really into picture taking and I delete about 200 (no joke) pictures a day she has taken. Selfies, random shots of our house, pictures of family members taken when they aren't paying attention... you get the idea. I have found a few pics of hers though that show she may just have some real talent to go with her newfound interest:
Seriously? Aren't those good.

Also, I got a picture of Riley that reminded me so much of a picture I took of Payton, at about the same age:
I know, not exactly the same, but similar. And totally reflects the two personalities.

Happy Thursday! Have a great rest of your week!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Snow storm and May Day, Not the Typical Combination

We have already had the wildest week weather-wise. On Saturday, we had decent (but a tad chilly) weather as we attended a birthday party in the morning and wedding that evening. I only have 1 picture and it's between the two events.
I think sometimes it gets too busy and I forget to take pictures.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to snow and were predicted to get 6-8 inches that day. Snow! It was basically May so we were quite surprised. We welcomed the extra quiet day though after the busyness of Saturday.
Payton had been disappointed she hadn't made a snowman all winter, so this gave her one more chance. She was so happy to have a snow friend! Imagine her shock when her new friend melted the very next day. The poor snowman didn't even make it 24 hours.

After the Sunday storm, Monday and Tuesday have been gorgeous. On Monday, we were outside in t-shirts and jeans, handing out May Day baskets and planting trees.
We hope you had a great May Day (May 1st). We took some special treats to the few neighbors we have. This morning we went on a play date and played outside for most of the time since the weather is so nice again. We are planning to spend the next couple of days around the house and I'm so excited to get some things done at home! I feel like we've been extra busy lately and I'm very ready for life to slow down, if possible.

Did you participate in May Day? We hope you have a great week!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday to Payton

Happy Birthday to you, Payton Ruth! You have grown so quickly and we have been so honored to be blessed as your parents.

You are the sweetest child with the biggest heart. You love to color and send pictures to family and friends, make calls just to say, "have a great day," and are very concerned about doing the right thing. I watched as family members and friends have called today to wish you a happy birthday and your response continues to be, "Thank you and how are you doing?" You always remind the person that you miss them and wish to see them soon. I'm sure you will continue to inspire me to become a better person as I watch your loving heart evolve.

We spent yesterday celebrating your last day as a 3 year old and today we are ringing in your 4th year. Your request for a meal includes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with an apple. That's exactly what you had for lunch today. You also wanted dirt cups instead of cake. Balloons were the decor of your choice (although balloons covering your bedroom door were not welcomed this morning).

May you always be this easy to please.

I have to share a story from the picture above. You opened this gift and saw the graham cracker box. You were so excited and happy to get graham crackers that you celebrated this gift. There was quite the moment of surprise when you realized that was not what was actually inside the box.

Today was also a big day for your brother, your biggest fan. He was so excited to celebrate your special day with you. He made a card for you and cheered you on with the festivities. He hugged you constantly and tried his hardest to say happy birthday.

Your birthday will probably always be a little sad for me as I watch you grow and grow. This year though, I am just more excited than anything. Your own excitement is maybe just that contagious. I am so happy for you and how much you love life. I am looking forward to what this next year will bring. And, in your own words, "you will always be my baby." Yes, yes, you will.

So, cheers to you, our Payton Ruth. Life is so much better with you in it!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Let's Play Farmer

Originally, Payton wanted to be a doctor so bad to both animals and humans. Recently though, she started saying she wanted to be a farmer instead. The farmland surrounding our properties is just starting to see activity again as farmers prepare for another season so I think this may be why she had a change in career goals. 

We have a friend that lives on a farm and she called saying she had a few bucket calves and wanted to know if we would like to bring the kids to feed them. I didn't hesitate a second and accepted immediately. We brought out food for a picnic in exchange for an evening of playing farmer.
Oh my goodness! We had so much fun being exposed to this way of living. The kids have been talking about it since. Riley was obsessed with the little "moos" of the baby calves. One of the calves was born that day so that was so neat to see. 

Payton was so excited to feed the horses until they actually ate out of her hand. She has always been super clean and the messiness that comes with letting horses eat out of your hand was not her cup of tea. She was a good sport though. 

Payton also loved all the gates and figured out the system quickly. She loved opening and closing gates on moving the baby calves around. They followed her closely!
 Now that we are spending today at home, the kids and I went and put together a vase of fresh blooms from our yard. Lilacs and apple blossoms! I love this part of spring and the smell of fresh lilacs. Life doesn't get any better with the help of my littles either:

We are spending today at home and, other than a visit from a friend this morning, have nothing planned on the agenda. These are the days we love!

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Birthday Party for Payton and Easter Festivities

We spent yesterday and today taking life slowly. So very SLOWLY. Our weekend was so fun and filled with so many activities that both kids needed some time to take it easy. So, we have been loving watching our neighboring farmers prepare for another crop season, enjoying fresh blooms (even if most are dandelions), picking a few flowers (again, got to love dandelions), dancing, and fully embracing the quiet life. 

This morning, I took the kids to the library. They are having a stuffed animal sleepover event and so we took in the animals the kids got for Easter.
What this picture doesn't tell you is what our time at the library looked like. It was one of the worst visits we have ever had. Both kids definitely needed another day to recuperate from the weekend and I believe 3 people shed tears on the way home. An extra long nap time/quiet time is calling our names. Also, leaving your toys, despite all the prepping I did, is not easy for a toddler and preschooler to understand.

I wanted to recap our weekend which included Payton's 4th Birthday Party and Easter. I totally failed at taking pictures during the party, so I don't have a lot of that to share. I have a lot from set up though! We went with a Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse theme, per the request of Payton. We were also going to have it in my hometown but Payton made it very clear she wanted it at her house so we went with that.

Normally, I take on the task of making both the cake and the cupcakes. This was my first year to order the cake. It was a little less stress for me and I may be doing that more in the future.

My family came up for the party and Payton also was able to invite 2 of her friends, after begging and begging. A few of our close family friends also came. This alone made for a full house. I love seeing the cousins together though.
I really wish I had gotten more pictures, but I did get Payton blowing out the candles at her party. This is always my favorite part of birthday parties. That and eating the cake.

Payton was so tired afterwards that she spent the rest of the day laying around.
Riley took this time to enjoy some of her new toys.
Most of my family left on Saturday. My mom was the only one to spend Easter with us. We went to church, let the kids hunt for the eggs we hid, ate a beautiful lunch, and made a few special cupcakes.

It was a very memorable weekend and the kids have been talking about it since.

How was your weekend? Are you as ready for spring as I am?

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