Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pregnancy Announcement

Announcing our pregnancy to everyone was a time in our life that we wanted to make especially fun! We had already told our family and now were ready to tell “the world.” We decided to take some fun pictures and make a special announcement via Facebook. 

Here is the picture we used to announce our pregnancy to Facebook:

And just for chuckles, below is the picture we took for fun! We sent this out via email to the family (although they already knew the news). We all got a good laugh. Also... take note at the animal behind us! I guess this horse got out while we were taking our pictures!

What a great background for the picture, right?!?! The hardest part for us was finding the sign in the picture. We drove through several small towns in the area until we came across one street that had the sign. Boy, did we hit the jackpot! They turned out great! We used our own camera (actually, it’s a camcorder that can take pictures) and did our own editing! These pictures didn’t even cost us anything financially!

What creative ways did you use to announce your pregnancy?

However you choose to make this announcement, know that you will remember it forever and treasure it always!

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