Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Recap

For the last several years while many people enjoyed the long 3-day Labor Day weekend relaxing our household has been known to work harder than ever.  This year, we didn't disappoint. My in-laws came to stay with us and here is what 4 adults and 1 toddler completed in 3 days:

1. Apple picking

We were surprised to find 3 apple trees at our new house. One tree has been producing very well and we picked 20 pounds of apples. My husband and I picked and processed 33 pounds last week (more on that coming soon). Of the 20 pounds, we processed half for the freezer. The other half? See below:

2. Apple Jelly

I have never had homemade apple jelly and I may never buy it at the store again! It is so delicious! We made 4+ jars of apple jelly. I used this recipe I found via Pinterest.

3. Apple Butter

I also made apple butter (entirely with the crock pot) for the first time. I used this recipe and it turned out great. I will cut down the cinnamon and cloves amounts slightly next time. It was just a tad strong for our taste, but didn't keep us from inhaling!

4. A New Deck

We built a new deck on the front of our house. It's actually still incomplete as we are still waiting on the railing to come in. I couldn't be happier with the project so far.

Here is the before:

And the after:

5. Crown Moulding

I personally stained the crown moulding on Sunday to put up on the main floor of the house. On Monday, we put the crown moulding up and are loving how it's changed our living room. We still have the rest of the main floor to go but it's a great start.

We are so tired today! I think we need a vacation to recover from the 3 days! Okay, we did find some time for fun! We watched our favorite football team play on Saturday and ate like kings the whole weekend! I think we earned spending the next few weeks relaxing. 

How did your Labor Day weekend go?

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