Wednesday, November 26, 2014

30 Gifts for Turning 30

I'm as frugal as they come (unless you are comparing me to the people on Cheapskates, then I am not really that frugal), but when my hubby is turning the big 3-0 I can't stop myself from having some fun. He is, hands down, the one who gets the most money spent on in our house. What can we say, he is very spoiled.
My husband insisted he didn't need a surprise party after having me spring one on him a few years ago (he learned then that he doesn't like surprises) so I had to get really creative. Last year, we kept it low key (see here). After lots of thought, I decided why not give him 30 gifts to match his new age.

Because we don't have a ton of money in the budget to spend on birthdays and holidays, I had to plan early. I also like to get the best deal which also entails planning ahead. I started in September. Yes, in September, I started shopping for a November birthday. It depends on how you plan as to whether you perceive this as early or late shopping, but to my husband that was waaaay too early.

Since I was going for quantity this year, I wasn't nearly as focused on the quality of gifts. Most were inexpensive but each and every one was picked out especially for my husband and individually wrapped. Take a peek:

Nothing's better than surprising the heck out of your husband! After gift opening, we did have a small gathering of friends and family to help us eat the ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. It was as delicious as it looks.

So, what were my 30 gifts, you ask? I would be happy to share my list with you:

1 & 2. Shampoo/conditioner (each wrapped separately)
3. Hunting Shirt
4. Dewalt drill set
5 & 6. Socks (2 packages)
7. Personally Designed Christmas Ornament (I got for free using a coupon from Shutterfly)
8 & 9. Soda Stream flavors 
10. Coffee mug (clearanced out at Target)
11. Hat with favorite football team logo
12. Toy plane that launches across the room 
13. Chapstick 
14. Sled 
15. Orbit gum 
16. Shirt with favorite football team logo
17. Custom Designed Magnet (also got for free with a coupon from Shutterfly)
18. Engraved knife
19. Multipurpose knife
20. Lighter especially made for the fireplace
21, 22 & 23. Pajama bottoms
24. Electronic Helicopter
25. Coat
26. Decoy holder for hunting
27. Box of Cheezits (his favorite snack ever)
28. Bottle of our favorite wine
29. Cupcakes
30. Dairy Queen ice cream cake

Overall this birthday was a huge success.

How do you plan to celebrate the next birthday at your house?

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