Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Recap

We had a great Easter weekend and the weather on Sunday was phenomenal. This year we hosted dinner for a few family members and friends. We normally host a large gathering for Easter dinner, but many of our family members couldn't make it this year. They were missed, but the weekend was still a memorable one.

Our little family definitely took some time to reflect on this being one of the last holidays as a family of three. In many ways, I think it reminds us to really treasure the time we have now with our daughter as an only child. Life will soon become much busier with balancing 2 kids.

We kicked off the weekend with an egg hunt in town. Payton really got into egg hunting last year. This year, she seemed more interested in observing everyone around her. 

On Sunday, we had dinner and then had another egg hunt for Payton at our house. Payton loved finding candy, loose change, and stickers in her eggs! She stopped to open eggs along the way, so we prepared ourselves for a long egg hunt! 

In the end, we ate too much food, hung out outside, and flew a kite for a bit. It was perfect get together weather. 

We joked about having an adult egg hunt (more like find the beer) and I'm really thinking that just may need to happen next year!

How was your Easter weekend?

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