Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Very Special Day

Last night, I put my child to bed as a two year old. This morning, she woke as a three year old. It amazes me to think about how much she has grown in the last year. 

Over the weekend, Payton's grandparents came to visit and we celebrated her birthday with them. Our son has RSV so the rest of the family decided it best not to come (and we agreed). Today, we are making everything a celebration from getting up until going to bed. We also get the rare treat of having lunch with the hubby, which will be a surprise for our daughter.

Payton, you bring so much light to our lives. You have the most giving, loving heart. Your spirit is gentle and you aim to please. You love to clean, take care of brother, and organize; essentially a little caregiver in the making. We love you so much and pray you always find the light in gloomy weather.
Some stats for Payton:

Age: 3 years

Stats: Due to our most recent (and first) ER experience, I know that you are 32 pounds. You are 3 feet, 1 inch tall. You are in a size 3t.

Nicknames: Mostly, we call you Payton. To many of us, you are called P, Miss P, and you like to refer to yourself as Ruth.

Milestones: Your language and cognitive development would definitely be there biggest change. You can say so much now and we can have basic conversations with you. You can say your name and count to 3 (after 3 you typically jump to ten). You like to find and show off your pinkies and thumbs.

Favorite things: You love your family and are very happy when we are all together. Everyday you ask to play choo choo train and go outside to swing and play with your chickens. You have such a varied love for a variety of toys: Minnie Mouse, cars, all books, fishing poles, dolls, and animals. When it comes to coloring, you can stay focused for long periods of time and make sure to use every color. You never miss an opportunity to clean and help.

Signature moves: Girl, you always want to dance. Daddy made the mistake of showing you how to shake your booty and calling it the "butt dance," and you haven't stopped. About six months ago you took your first dance class and continue to beg daily to take another. I'm hoping to get you signed up for summer.

Along with dancing, you also love to sing. At the top of your lungs. From the moment you wake to the moment you go to bed. You love family hugs, telling everyone you love them, and blowing kisses goodbye. Your sweetness gives me warm fuzzies all day.

We love you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday to my baby.

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