Monday, December 17, 2012

Ninth Letter to My Little One

As you can easily see from the picture above... I am definitely SHOWING! We were lucky enough to snap a picture this time with both parents-to-be!

Below is another letter I have put in our baby’s pregnancy scrapbook. We had built up anticipation on finding out our gender’s (read more about that here). Read below to find out the results (you WILL be surprised)! 


My Little One,

Today we had a follow-up appointment with your doctor to discuss the ultrasound on 12/14. We felt so blessed to have seen you and to have gotten 3 very good pictures of you. At the beginning of our ultrasound, you had the hiccups and you had just eaten (your little belly was quite full)! You then became very active and danced around Mommy’s belly for the next half of the appointment. After all that dancing, you decided to take a nap. We got to see you yawn! You curled up into fetal position and stayed that way for the rest of the appointment. 

Unfortunately, we still do not know your gender! You moved around too much at the beginning of the appointment to see and then when you slowed down, the umbilical cord covered you up perfectly! Our lab tech. originally said you were a boy but then half-way through she guessed you were a girl. We were bummed out not to find out if we are having a girl or boy but are so happy to know that you are active and very healthy! We decided that God is reminding us that we do not always have control of everything and we must be patient! Our next ultrasound is in February (we plan to schedule it during our wedding anniversary) and we may find out your gender then! 

To update you on how the pregnancy is going: Morning sickness stopped around week 14. That is probably the biggest hurdle I have faced thus far with being pregnant. I feel you move regularly now and many of our family members have also felt you move! I try to regularly talk to you and play you music (mostly classical but you also listen to Mommy’s music on her frequent car trips to see clients)!  We love these moments with you!

I am still not in maternity clothes, even though we are just at half-way through the pregnancy. Your doctor was quite surprised when I showed up in my regular jeans but reminded me this will not last much longer as you will be doubling in size in the next few weeks!  I am hungry all the time but not craving anything in particular. Most of our friends say that Mommy is still hardly showing. I am trying to eat very healthy (lots and lots of fruits and veggies) and still workout regularly (some days are harder than others depending on my energy levels). One of the many joys of being pregnant though is that Uncle Josh and Daddy generally give Mommy first dibs on seconds (sometimes even thirds)! 

                                                     Love You Always,
                                                    Mommy and Daddy

How real did your ultrasound make things for you?!?!

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