Friday, May 6, 2016

Bring on Summer

The sun came out this week and therefore, out came our tiny flock. I'm already kicking off this weekend with a bit of a sunburn from spending all day outside yesterday. We love warm weather though and exploring around our little country house. 

We've been kicking off our mornings with breakfast outside. I loved doing this last summer with just Payton, but there's something to be said of watching a toddler feed her baby brother.
Payton got not one, but two fishing poles for her birthday (poor planning between parents and grandma) and has been practicing fishing regularly. She's hoping daddy takes her fishing soon. We can also be found reading and lounging outside when we aren't chasing chickens and cuddling cats or dogs.
Midweek we got a visit from a friend from high school and I loved catching up. I wish I saw her more but will take the few times a year visits!
Happy Mother's Day weekend. I'm not sure we will be doing much but enjoying the weather and celebrating graduations.

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