Thursday, May 19, 2016

10 Month Old Baby

Oh baby, another month has come and gone. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for this loveable, sweet, go-go-go baby. He brings so much more love into our house. I thought my daughter was a total momma's girl and didn't think she could be any more attached to me. Enter Riley. He is extremely attached to his mommy and doesn't like her to exit the room. He will crawl like crazy across our house to try and keep up with me. He is also starting to have some minor issues with any one beside mom holding him. It's been hard on daddy. It's just a phase. A short phase. Soon enough, he will be like his sister and we will struggle to get him to let us hold him at all and we will be left in tears. It's crazy how quickly that happens.

Here are our current stats:

Age:  10 months

Stats: Again, I don't really know. I should just delete this section as I am on repeat. He is still in size 12 month clothes. I have started to pull out 18 month clothes but they are a bit big on him.

Nicknames: Riley is getting called buggy a lot lately (short for Riley bug). Otherwise, we still mostly just call him Riley. Riley bug, little guy, big guy, and baby are still commonly used.

Milestones: Riley still loves to have people hold on to him so he can practice standing and walking. He is pulling himself up on his own now. This means everything is getting moved to an even higher level. Riley is also starting to mock every noise with the mouth. Giving kisses and smacking his lips are a challenge but he definitely has spitting down! 

Sleep has continued to regress due to growing, teething, sickness, and who knows what else. He also was diagnosed with RSV during this last month and we are still playing catch up to those sleepless nights. He has been going to bed between 6 and 7PM lately, but gets up at 8PM most nights so he can hang out (and fall back to sleep) with daddy. He loves this time (and daddy doesn't seem to complain). Riley continues to wake and sleep at various intervals. I'm still ending my night (or starting my morning?) with pulling him into bed with me. Sometimes I just need the extra bit of sleep before getting up for the day.

Riley starts his days at about 6AM. I am in awe that no matter how good or bad our day goes, he still wakes at the exact same time. He is still a rock star napper. When he lets me know he is ready for a nap (yawning, rubbing eyes, a bit crabby) I just lay him down in his crib with his sound machine on and he goes right to sleep. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Favorite things: Riley still loves attention, especially from his momma and sister. He can't get enough of us. He also can't get enough of having items in his mouth. I continue to chase him and monitor what he's putting in his mouth. He is loving all foods! I don't think he's met a food he doesn't like yet.

Signature moves: Riley loves to wave at everyone. His wave is more of a hand flop still but he definitely knows he's waving and is intentional about saying hi and bye to everyone. He also loves to crawl as fast as he possibly can for everything. There's no slowing down for him. Lately, he loves laying into us for hugs and cuddles. Riley favors screaming/yelling parties with his sister. They enjoy seeing how loud they can get as they copy each other. 

We have also learned that Riley is very cautious. He doesn't like being thrown in the air and will cling/hug the person holding him if he thinks this going to happen. Going down slides and occasionally swinging is something he doesn't enjoy and will cry for us to quit trying these. All of these things are complete opposite of our daughter. This is just another reminder that he is unique and very different than his sister.
We love you so much Riley bug!

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