Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sick days with littles

It is inevitable that our family will get sick at least once each year. We seem to find the beginning of the school year, despite the fact our kids are not in school, to be when we get hit hard. This year was different though. We actually made it through August, September, and October without getting sick. I thought we were in the clear when the stomach bug reared its ugly head. Our house was hit hard!
For 10 days, each child was sick. 10 days! That was 10 days of intermittent throwing up, constant bathroom accidents and blowouts, fussy sleep deprived children, fevers, chills, aches, and about 8 loads of laundry being washed daily. But, yet, my children still had happy, beautiful moments. Riley found cuddling with stuffed animals (or  mommy) to bring him relief. Payton still threw on her Cinderella dress and watched the movie every chance she got. We also got to see the field across the road bring cows in. The kids now watch daily as the water truck refills their water. Have I mentioned how much we love the country life?
As a parent, having sick kids is really hard. Really, really hard. In the last 10 nights, I have been up at least twice each night. Most nights, I was really up most of the night. With kids throwing up, I was constantly bathing children, changing their clothes, starting laundry, consoling them, cleaning bowls out, and laying with my children until they fell back to sleep. I now feel like I'm in a constant fog and keep praying I don't get the sickness shared with me. When backup (aka my mother, aka grandma) arrived, our house found a new sense of energy and excitement:

We are so blessed to have had my mother come visit and help with me for a few days. It gave us a little bit of change in routine we really needed and she always seems to be a breath of fresh air for us all. She was our saving grace.

The kids both still seem to be recovering but are doing much better. We got out a little this week after spending so much time indoors and feeling quite claustrophobic. It sounds like we only get a few days before snow could hit and send us back indoors again.

We hope you are having a great week and are getting ready for Thanksgiving! I'm hoping to start getting some sleep again at nights soon!

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