Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Our Daily Schedule

It's been a long while since I have done a day in my life post so time for the update! I have to say, I'm not overly satisfied with one aspect of our current routine. I never would have guessed my beautiful, tiny toddler could become so demanding, throw so many tantrums, and believe she could not live without the television being on. That's right. Dora the explorer has caused many issues in our house.

For a period of almost 2 months, I was very sick (pneumonia) and was doing what I could just to survive the day. Unfortunately, I did turn to TV for entertainment for our family. Now that I am healthy, I am ready for the TV to be off and return to our normal, with the TV on minimally. That has become a huge undertaking that I don't necessarily have the energy for quite yet. I'm slowly weaning though!

So, despite knowing how much TV we watch, here is what a typical week day looks like:

6:10am: My hubby's alarms start going off. I mentally prepare that I will be getting up soon with Riley, our 5 month old.

6:30am: I'm up for the day with Riley. I change, feed, and rock him. I pray he takes this time to sleep (while he can) before our toddler is up. He says, "not a chance, mom."

7:30am: Payton is up and refusing to get dressed, for now. I start a load of laundry, feed the dogs, and feed our 2 outdoor cats.
I get breakfast going and Riley falls asleep while we eat.

8:15am: With Riley still sleeping and Payton fed, I convince Payton to get dressed for the day. She currently believes tutus are the best clothing items ever (and on a toddler, I can't help but agree). She makes sure to rock her tutu and spends the rest of the day twirling sporadically.
I spend some time cuddling with her while she watches Dora. Sigh. At least I am getting some 1:1 time with her and get to hold her. She also requires her dolls to sit with us.

9am: Both kids are awake. Payton plays while I change and feed Riley. We all play cars together.

10am: I workout. Before the obsession with TV, Payton worked out with me. We would do Zumba, just dance to music, and/or workout DVDs. She now has less interest in this so I now use the elliptical while Payton plays in the room. Riley hangs out next to me during this time. 

After taking the fastest shower known to man, I start making lunch.

11:15am: We eat lunch. Riley typically falls asleep again.
When I am done eating I start kitchen chores while I wait for Payton to finish. I empty and reload the dishwasher, plan supper for the evening, and start making homemade applesauce in the crockpot. I also make a quick dash to move laundry from the washer to the dryer.

12-1pm: I try to find something to really wear our kids out before Payton has quiet time (since she doesn't nap). I prefer getting outside but weather makes this impossible. Today, we play-doh.

Bonus points for no TV being used! :)

1pm: Quiet time. Payton spends an hour in her room, on her bed, reading and playing with her babies. Sometimes, she sleeps, but usually she plays until her hour is up. Riley sleeps during this time as well. I have a list of things I should do, but I typically rest.

While I relax, I find a picture from 5 years ago (thanks Facebook time hop) and ponder how much has changed since that picture:
Oh, if only I could tell my past self what was to come! My 2 dogs babies are still my first babies but now there are 2 kids and 2 outside cats in the mix. There has also been 1 move (in the same town) and both sides of the family have expanded!

2-3pm: We all play together as a family after I finish another round of changing and feeding Riley. When the mixed berry applesauce is done, we pair this with some string cheese and call it our snack.

The rest of the day is a blur really, it flies by so fast.

3:30pm: Daddy comes home. I never know who's more excited, the kids or me?

Payton and I head to town to deliver some homemade gifts to those close to us in town. I went with a homemade popcorn mix this year.

4:45pm: Like clockwork, I start supper while Monte supervises the kids. Today, we actually switched roles and the hubby cooks homemade pizza. I made the dough previously (and pulled it from the freezer the night before) but he does the rest. Payton loves to help with this meal.

5:30pm: We eat.

6:45pm: We start bath/bedtime routine.

7:30pm: Payton goes to bed. I lay with her and we talk until she falls asleep (typically within 20 mins). Then, I rock Riley and put him to bed.

Both kids are typically asleep for the night by 8:30pm. I enjoy my husband, the quiet, and some tv shows that are not cartoons. By 9pm, I miss both my kids terribly and contemplate waking one of them. Deciding against this, I make my way to bed. Sometimes I get to sleep until 4-5am or until 11pm, depends on the night and when the next kids wakes!

This is our typical week! We are home most of the week except for 1 morning each week when we head to our local library for story time. We also have a sitter that comes 1-2 afternoons per week to watch the kids while I work. I also take Payton to run errands with me after the hubby comes home 1-2 nights per week.

This may not be the right life for everyone, but it's a perfect fit for me! 

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