Monday, January 2, 2017

Appendectomy and an extended holiday

We finished 2016 with a bit of a scare at our house. What we thought was some phantom pain my husband was experiencing ended up being an emergency appendectomy procedure. Of course, this was all part of a late evening ER trip, several tests ran, surgery immediately following, and a hospital stay. Although routine, surgery has a way of making you realize how quickly your life can change. One minute, I'm watching my children dance to Mickey Mouse's hot dog song and the next my husband is telling me his pain is so unbearable he has to go to the ER now (we had a doctor appointment scheduled for the next morning). Life shouldn't be taken for granted.

There will always be challenges for our household when it comes to not living close to family (a little over 3 hours of driving gets us to our first relative). The hubby had to go to the ER on his own while I did bedtime routine frantically. When I got the kids to bed, I was lucky to get a good friend to come over so I could join Monte at the hospital. I was there while they prepped for surgery and then I rushed back home to relieve my friend. My mom had packed in 5 minutes of hearing the news so after she arrived late that night after making the 3.5 hours trip. I flew back to the hospital to see Monte post-surgery. I was very thankful for a nurse that texted me updates during the time I was away from the hospital. It was hard to not be there for the whole process and for Monte to spend some time without his support system but when balancing kids that's sometimes how it goes.

The next morning Monte was released to go home and heal. He is limited in what he can do and he can't return to work until after his appointment on Friday. We are enjoying having him around at the house for another week and feel like our holiday has been extended. We are trying to keep things as quiet as possible around here while Monte heals and works towards getting back on his feet.

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday wasn't as wild as ours was or that if it was wild it was wild in other ways than ours was! 😉

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