Thursday, May 11, 2017

Getting Outside This Week

This may be my shortest post ever. The weather has warmed up and we are outside again. I love being outdoors and it always feels the best after coming out of a long winter. So, I will use less words and more pictures to show you what our week looks like.
Outside smoothies, gardening, and swinging galore. That pretty much wraps up our week.

Payton is really into picture taking and I delete about 200 (no joke) pictures a day she has taken. Selfies, random shots of our house, pictures of family members taken when they aren't paying attention... you get the idea. I have found a few pics of hers though that show she may just have some real talent to go with her newfound interest:
Seriously? Aren't those good.

Also, I got a picture of Riley that reminded me so much of a picture I took of Payton, at about the same age:
I know, not exactly the same, but similar. And totally reflects the two personalities.

Happy Thursday! Have a great rest of your week!

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