Monday, May 22, 2017

Ramblings from the Past Week

We continue to have had many days stuck inside with rainy weather. Payton kept us entertained with her Doc McStuffins doctor kit, which she plays with on repeat lately.
She loves having each of us be her patients. We then help her to check on the health of all her stuffed animals. Then, the dogs. And then she repeats the cycle again. She is so sweet and would make a wonderful doctor someday if that is what she chooses.

And then, the sun came out and we moved outdoors quickly, without even skipping a beat.
Riley found joy in splashing in all the puddles, racing through them to see how fast he could go, and then eventually just plopped down and took a seat in the puddle. He's never afraid to get dirty. Payton, on the other hand, ventured near the water long enough to realize she would get wet and then settled for playing chalk on the other side of the road.

Payton likes to be clean and not cold. She keeps us entertained by eating popsicles (which she begs for) with gloves:
Days when we are home, the kids get to pick their own clothes. This is a sample outfit Payton chose. Riley typically could care less what he's wearing and eventually, I pick out his own clothes to keep him from running around naked.

Over the weekend, we had graduation receptions to attend so the kids dressed up a bit.
The rest of the weekend and this week, we worked around the house. We are really trying to get the landscaping done now so we can enjoy it. We had evergreens planted on our property to create a tree line, but they are so tiny we won't see much of that tree line for about 5-10 years.  We also planted about 14 other trees and shrubs on the property including a peach tree.
Monte and Payton are the most excited about this tree.  I'm just excited to see how this property will change over the next decade.

We ended the weekend with letting the kids make s'mores for an afternoon snack. This has been on Payton's list of summer activities and she was so, so excited to do something she had been planning. We've loved watching the stickiness of both the kids attempting to eat their first s'more.
Tonight, we are headed to Payton's first gymnastics presentation. It's an end of the year celebration for her and she can't wait. It's a little bittersweet to see her first activity finish a complete year, but we are all ready for the fun of summer! We won't be doing any weekly activities (just a dance camp and maybe a few swim lessons) so we can't wait for the freedom in our schedule. Now, we can start focusing on summer!

What do you have planned for this summer?

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  1. I'm so glad your weather finally warmed up (no snow!?). Today is finally one of our nicer days, hopefully hitting the 70's! Your kiddos seem to be enjoying the outdoors and it's so freeing to start these beautiful summer days. Enjoy these sweet almost summer days!


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