Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Weekend Recap

I previously wrote here and here about how this month is so special this year! I am celebrating this month for the first time with a child and my husband and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary! This year, February is really a month of love for us!

I decided to celebrate our anniversary with surprising my husband with a getaway trip for our little family. We went and stayed in a cabin! We love camping and I knew this trip would be a hit! Plus, this would be our baby's first vacation.

This is the resort we stayed at. Like I said, this is for a 5 year wedding anniversary, so we had to go big! We just didn't feel comfortable going on a trip that required flying with a baby or leaving our baby on someone else's care (we aren't emotionally ready for that)! So, we decided to splurge on a huge cabin for the 3 of us and our pups!

This was the view of the back of the cabin! The hubby and baby are there... Somewhere! 

I think this was the quiet weekend we all needed together! Our views were amazing, take a look for yourself:

I mentioned before (see here) we don't have cable an haven't had for years. You better believe it when I say that we enjoyed 2 glorious days of satellite! We found ourselves watching a marathon of Renovation Realties. I made all of our meals ahead of time so we literally spent minimal time in the kitchen (a welcomed break for me). Oh yeah, we also spent most of our weekend in pajamas! Cheers to not having to get dressed up on vacation! 

On Saturday, the weather warmed up and we got outdoors for a sightseeing tour, a few walks, and grilled steaks! 

Coming home, our girl was so worn out, she slept most of the trip.

                   Okay, she actually slept on the way up, too.

                  Don't you love when you plan car rides just right?!?!

We had a great, albeit short, vacation celebrating our happy life as a family! We couldn't feel more blessed!

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