Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tails are Wagging

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I am not paid or awarded anything for posting this product review. This is my own opinion based on use of this product.

Meet my 2 fur balls and the rest of family. Aren't we adorbs?

Since having my daughter, my dogs have received less attention from me than ever before. I regret to admit that. I previously have talked about wanting to increase my attention on a daily basis. This has been challenging as so much of my time is split  between many priorities and I feel mostly focused on my little one. She is adorbs, too, by the way.

I couldn't resist throwing that in here.

In search of trying to give my dogs more attention, I decided to spend some money. If you have read any posts of mine (here, here, and here) you know that I am as frugal as they come so spending money is not easy for me to do. The decision was made to buy 3 months of BarkBox. 

BarkBox has so far been a perfect solution for providing extra attention to my dogs. BarkBox sends a special package just for your dogs once a month by mail. Inside the package there will be a variety of surprise items for your dog. There are typically about 4 items and they vary from treats to toys.

So why am I loving it? First, the dogs love getting surprised by new presents (don't we all), but it also forces me to take time to give them their gifts (since they are right there). I also love that there is no extra shopping for me since there already aren't enough hours in the day. For the next week after the gift arrives, I am also really good about using our new items during the day! Lastly, this isn't a huge expense. It is less than $20/month with shipping. I had a special introductory offer and found one just for YOU as well.

This month, we got all natural treats and a toy. As my family eats fairly healthy, it was nice to see this selection of treats. I used to make treats for them myself, but that is one of the many things that has changed since childbirth. I will get back on track... eventually. Until then, BarkBox helps me to keep my dog's tails wagging!

Tell me, have you tried BarkBox?

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