Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Infant/Toddler Swimming Lessons

Since the birth of our first child, I have been really gung-ho about enrolling my little in any class she can take. I looked into swimming, gymnastics, tumbling, mommy and me, and Kindermusik. Unfortunately, in our rural area, some of these classes weren't even offered.

I really wanted to get our little involved right away with any and all activities she could, but I wasn't actually signing her up for any classes. For me, change is hard and starting something new that requires walking into a building by myself (technically not true since I would have a toddler in tow) is even harder. I was at a point where I felt like all I did was talk about what I wanted to do, but wasn't actually doing anything to achieve my goals.

Well, I finally took the plunge (literally) and started swimming lessons. Now, let me tell you, this was no easy feat! When I first called to enroll Payton in her class, I asked what would be done during sessions, because, you know a 1-year old won't actually be swimming by the end of the class. The response, "they learn to hold their breath under water." Uh, that's nearly impossible at this age! I couldn't sign her up after hearing that!

After calling back and speaking to a few other employees, I learned the real goal is to assist the child to become familiar and comfortable in water. Much more realistic! We signed up, paid our tuition, and planned for class.

Boy,  was I glad I pushed myself to walk through the door that first day of swim class! We had such a blast!
Since I took Payton solo to swim class, I have no actual pictures of the class! That is a bummer because I would have loved to have some pics!

We had 4 sessions that lasted 30 minutes. I am tempted to sign her up for another round of classes and here is why:

1. We start setting boundaries.

I hadn't really thought about how important it is to start setting water safety boundaries right away. For instance, we would put our kiddos around the ledge and work with them not to get into the water until we reached for them. This class made it so fun! We would sing Humpty Dumpty and pull our kids in as Humpty Dumpty fell.

2. We teach blowing bubbles.

Our little one drinks all water, any water. Swim class focused on parents role modeling not drinking the water but blowing bubbles instead.

3. It's a guaranteed 30 minutes of attention for my little one.

Although I am home most of the time with my child, I am not always 100% checked in 100% of the time. I can get easily distracted by other obligations. During swim time though, I have no phone and no chores staring me down. It's just me, my girl, and swim class. 

4. We work on swimming skills.

We may not have graduated with a 14-month old swimmer, but we did make progress. During class, we focused a lot on getting our children to float on their back comfortably while being held. The first day, no child in the class would do it. By the last day, they all lounged like pros in the water! Amazing!

5. She slept like a champ after class. 

I am not going to lie, Payton slept amazingly well after each swim class. Good naps= happy momma

I recommend taking a swim class this summer! You can typically start classes when your child is 6 months. Call your local pool or Y today!

Have you taken a swim class with your child? How did it go?

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