Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Understanding Money

The first step in wanting to become debt-free is to educate yourself on money. The more you understand about finances, money, saving money, etc. the better off you are in making educated decisions for yourself. I am constantly reading articles, blogs, and books that center around money for any extra tips and tricks. Here are some finds from this week that I wanted to share with you:

Do you avoid the grocery store? Why or Why not?

The first read I have is about a family that is going one year without groceries. This is worth reading! I love their reason for making this decision and hearing about how it has changed them already. Could I do it? I think my family does their own version of this (we only go to the store about 1x/month) and we are working towards decreasing the number of grocery store trips (huge garden is planted with the hope to can all extras produced), but I doubt we will ever fully get to this point.

How susceptible are you to marketing and advertising?
So for the many of us who will not be focusing on the goal of going one year without groceries, here are some tips for you while at the store to avoid spending more money. If you say you are not susceptible to marketing, think again! At some point or another, we all fall for a marketing trick. I am not going to lie, I used to buy all 10 items when they were price 10/$10. I stopped when someone explained this trick to me.

At one of our grocery stores in town, if you look under a sale tag to see what regular price was, you will sometimes see that the sale price is actually higher than regular price. So, all you people that buy items because it's on sale (that would be me), take a second to check what regular price was first!

How much do you save each month?
I also came across an interesting blogger who claims to save 85% of his income each month. This is outstanding considering the stats indicate an estimated 75% of Americans don't have enough savings to cover their bills for 3 months. He shares his monthly budget with you so you can have an idea where his money is going.

The one comment I would have is that he doesn't allot any money for gifts/donations. If you follow Dave Ramsey at all, giving back should still be a priority. Regardless of following Dave Ramsey's plan for becoming debt-free, we have made donating a monthly priority, because it just feels good to give back!

Go ahead, laugh a little!
Since I mentioned Dave Ramsey above, I wanted to share with you a read I found today that left my husband and me laughing! Go read this article and don't feel ashamed if you chuckle a little. Yes, Dave Ramsey does make the budget much tighter and yes, we also have to really question every single purchase.

Don't you feel a bit more educated already? 

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