Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Thank goodness it's Friday! The weather has been so cold here that we are all going a little stir crazy and are wishing for warmer days. Unfortunately, it may snow this weekend! I'm hoping we get out a bit today for some fresh air even if it's only long enough to run an errand or two. Before kicking off this weekend, I wanted to share a few things I'm loving from this week:

1. Moon Sand

This was actually a Pinterest fail for me when I used this recipe, but has worked out so well for our toddler anyways! The sand is supposed to be green but instead just has green chunks after I put food coloring in instead of powder paint (I found a few blogs that said it worked for them). Oh well!

Payton continues to ask to play with this almost daily and it's been over a week since I first made it. She plays in the moon sand anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour at a time. It's been a great way to get a few minutes to make a meal or load/unload the dishwasher.

2. Good Food

It could just be pregnancy but I am really loving home cooked food lately! An extra slice of chocolate cake also has a way of soothing a troubled mind! Am I right?

My husband whipped out some homemade tortillas earlier this week and we have been enjoying them as breakfast burritos, PB&J rollups, and quesadillas. I also made some choke cherry jelly a few months ago and am loving it on toast, waffles... just about anything at the moment!

3. Small Towns
I read this post about small towns on BuzzFeed and, as a Midwest girl, can so relate! Small towns are great for many reasons! #13 talks about having an egg guy and I have the funniest story in regards to that this week. 

I just got eggs from our egg guy for free yesterday as a thank you for my hubby giving him an old grinder. I went to use my first egg and it was very hard. This scared me a bit (what if it was fertilized), so I set it aside and went to the next egg. It was hard as well. After peeling back some shell I learned it was hard boiled. Our egg guy accidentally sent us the wrong eggs. We ended up with 6 regular eggs and 6 hard boiled eggs! It gave us quite the laugh!
4. Library Story Time
Our local library has a toddler story time every Tuesday morning. I am so thankful for this free activity as it has become a great way to get us out of the house and break up our weekly routine. Our child has become such a huge fan of playing ring around that rosy there that she is constantly trying to hold everyone's hand and get the song started! It's actually the cutest thing to witness!
5. Dreaming Big About Early Retirement
One of my favorite financial bloggers posted this article this week regarding a formula for estimating your own early retirement. I was tempted not to open the Excel spreadsheet to see where my husband and I stood, but decided to give it a shot. I am really hoping that we can retire early!

After completing both spreadsheets created, our results came in that we could retire at about the age of 50. We are so excited! Who knows where life will take us, but it's good to know that we might be on the right path.

Another week down! This weekend the hubby and I celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone?

Tell me, how has your week been? 

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