Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a quiet weekend in an attempt to slow down life. My hubby is trying to finish our basement before baby #2 gets here in July, so he stayed busy this weekend.

On Saturday, I picked up my Bountiful Baskets order. If you have never tried Bountiful Baskets, you should! I just started this month and am loving keeping stocked up on fruits and veggies. If my math is right, the food you get costs less than what you would pay in the grocery store. 

With our bountiful basket we got a box (about 28 pounds) of green beans. we then spent most of Saturday canning and/or freezing all the beans. If my calculations are right, we should have beans to last us for about 6 months.

The rest of our cold weekend was spent playing with our child, reading her lots of books, eating good home cooked meals, and lounging!
 Isn't that last one so cute? I couldn't help but giggle when Payton crawled into her toy tote and started reading books.

Now, it's on to another busy week!

How was your weekend?

*This post is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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