Saturday, March 21, 2015

20 Week Bump Update

This is a little delayed, like usual with me. I am now past the halfway point of my pregnancy with baby #2. With baby #1, I wrote several letters during my pregnancy and took photos at each milestone. This time I decided to purchase this pregnancy journal kit through Etsy and am basically completing simple journal entries as I take pictures.

I wanted to share a bit of this pregnancy:

Maternity clothes: Wearing maternity clothes and/or comfy workout clothes when we are staying around the house. With my first pregnancy I didn't pull out the maternity clothes until near end of my pregnancy (I was much smaller with #1), but I did notice that some of my clothes were stretched with a permanent "bump" afterwards. This time around, I pulled the maternity clothes out right away to avoid that!
Sleep: I am struggling with some insomnia, too cold/too hot fluctuations, and the need to regularly use the restroom every night during the middle of the night. Overall, I still feel like I am getting good, quality sleep. I suppose after exhaustion with an infant you learn to take what you can get!
Best moment this month: Feeling baby #2 kicking and hearing others guess the gender (we still have no idea, but might find out around Easter). I also love watching how excited Payton is for a new sibling. She is always talking about "her baby."
Worst moment this month: It's very challenging balancing a toddler, work, and overall life with pregnancy. I have had many moments where I wish I was more active with our toddler, but pregnancy limits me in several ways at the time.
Miss anything: As my belly is growing I am getting a bit uncomfortable and am missing the ease of not having a belly to tote around. With the weather warming up I have definitely missed the occasional beer or glass of wine.
Movement: Lots of kicks and somersaults!
Cravings: Lemon foods (same craving I had with Payton). Mostly, I just want food in general and to eat constantly! I'm trying to stay healthy but this girl doesn't say no to ice cream or chocolate!
Queasy or sick: Feeling good.
Looking forward to: I am so excited for our next ultrasound which is just before Easter. I love seeing our little one on the screen and there's a chance we'll find out the gender, pending baby's cooperation.
Happy Saturday everyone!

I linked up this week with Mommy Moments at The Life of Faith blog.


  1. Very Happy for you. thank you for your update. God will take care of you all through this beautiful journey.
    God Bless visiting from Mama moments.

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love baby updates :) It is tricky keeping up with a toddler while pregnant but I'm glad you are free of morning sickness! I'm guessing your having a boy... A totally random guess just because it's fun! Stopping by from Mommy Moments.
    Amy @


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