Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Mommy/Daughter Morning Together

Now that we are a family of four I'm working hard (and failing a lot) at trying to continue with mother/daughter one on one time daily. Newborns are very demanding and I've found getting alone time with my toddler is challenging. Many times, I start to play with my toddler only to have my newborn decide, instead of napping, he needs his diaper changed. 

So, with my husband home on Saturday wanting to lounge around, I decided to spend a morning alone with my toddler. She's a whole lot of energy in the mornings so I knew getting outside would suit her well. We hopped in our van and headed to town. I saw some garage sales (actually a whole block of sales, the best kind with a child in tow) and we decided to browse. I found a helmet for Payton and she was very excited for her new "hat."

We then headed to the park. Oh how I love all that our park offers! There are several playgrounds, a splash pad, walking trails, fishing, and ducks to feed. We shoved as much as we could into a few hours. I'm continuously in awe at how fast my child has grown. She is so independent and able to do more and more on her own.

As we loaded back up because the temps got too hot for us, I figured why not make one more stop before heading home. I pulled up to one of Payton's favorite places, the library! She was so excited!

After the library we returned home to our boys. We spent the rest of the day together. As the weather cooled, we got outside a bit before putting the kids to bed.

This is what I would call a perfect day. At this stage of life, I love my family time and days where there is no rush. We get one more quiet day before the chaos known as Monday begins! 

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