Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Start of Our Week...

What a busy week we have had! Fall is here and we are loving the weather. We spent a good chunk of time outside except for the one day it was raining.
Monday took a rough start this week with both kids up before the sun and overly tired because of this. I pulled myself together and took the kids outdoors which ultimately turned the whole day around for us. A little fresh air goes a long ways.

I'm a bit of a rule breaker these days and skipped a healthy lunch in lieu of an unhealthy snack like lunch. This feast included popcorn, cheese, crackers, and an apple. What can I say? Quick decisions had to be made when all 3 of us were demanding food at the same time. The kids seemed fine with my impulsive decision as I snapped these pictures right after we ate:

On Tuesday, we kicked off the day coloring and jamming out to music. I love quiet, happy starts to our day. It was so rainy out we were stuck indoors playing. The skies cleared up just as it was time for Daddy to come home so we got out for a few minutes and waited for him.
I think I'm always the most excited for my hubby to come home!

Wednesday started off with story time at the library. I feel like I really accomplished something when I can get two kids and myself ready and out the door on time. Of course, on time, rarely happens these days. We are always running late.

After the library the weather was too good to pass up so we spent most of the afternoon outside.
We have one outdoor cat and one kitty. Oh how payton loves them! They love her, too, but she is very allergic. We are trying to work with her on not touching the cats to her face. It's not going so well...

We hope the rest of our week goes just as well as the beginning did!

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