Friday, August 28, 2015

My Favorite Time of the Day

When my toddler daughter decided to stop taking day time naps long before I was ready for her to be done (or before she should have stopped), we had to find a new routine to our day. We went many days with almost no routine before deciding we had to implement at least a quiet time to help us all survive the day. We both need a bit of time to relax before returning to the beautiful, chaotic mess that makes up our daily life.

Quiet time at our house is hands down now my favorite part of my day. Even with the addition of our second child. During this one blissful hour, Payton can read books or watch some television but she has to be quiet and still. She spends most of this time sitting with me. Oh how I love these extra cuddle moments. 

Riley doesn't always take his naps during this time so I have found that most days we end up with all 3 of us piled onto the recliner, rocking away the hour. The other day Payton said, "hand" over and over again as she was reaching out. This is typically how she asks for my hand. As I went to grab her hand I realized she didn't want my hand. She wanted to hold her brother's hand while we rested.
Heart melting. Payton, you sure are the sweetest child.

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