Sunday, October 4, 2015

...The End of Our Week

I started off the week with plans to do just a week recap post, but our days have been so busy (and so fun) that I broke the post into two parts. Here is the start of our week.

Thursday landed us right on my birthday! I am not a huge fan of my own birthday but Payton really wanted cake. We settled for making our homemade diabetic lime pie that I love.
It was delicious and super easy to whip up, especially with a toddler! An added bonus is that it's a no bake.

I really did enjoy my birthday! We spend it doing all the things I love! We made food, lounged around, and spent time outdoors. 
On Friday, I took the kids to the library and a local parade. It had been a long time since Payton's last parade and she was so excited to go! She loved seeing all the vehicles go by and getting candy! She is too nervous to go in the street to get candy  though so I have to pull them all within reach for her.

Riley didn't happen to see any of the parade:

On Saturdays, Payton and I are in a dance class (at least until November). It's a mommy and me dance class and we are loving it. I get much more of a workout than I bargained for though! We ran some errands afterwards before coming home to watch some football!

After a crazy week, today has been quiet. We plan to relax all day to prepare for the craziness of another week. 

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