Thursday, June 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye... And Hello

This is a post that is very challenging for me to write. If you aren't a lover of animals, you probably want to stop reading now. If you do love animals, I hope you can understand (and possibly) relate to experiences we have currently endured.

Our family loves animals. Those that come into our lives are welcomed with open arms and become a part of the family. Since being married, we have had 2 dogs that we cherish dearly. They were our first babies. 

A few years ago, we moved to the country. One of the things I didn't plan for was additional pets. We have had 4 cats total over the short time we've lived outside of town. They have all been outdoor cats due to our allergies. Still, we connect with them and love them so. 

My daughter had latched on to a baby tomcat that randomly arrived at our house and rarely let him out of her sight  (or grip) when we were outside. He was the perfect companion for her and tolerated how much love a toddler can show (physically). He was always near her and followed her everywhere she went. 

I have cherished watching their relationship grow in the last year. Unfortunately, our time with him ended too soon. With outside cats, we are limited to how much protection we can provide these animals. They are so vulnerable to predators, the weather, and vehicles (we are near a busy road). We have worked hard to decrease these risks, but only so much can be done. 

As we have been mourning the loss of one beloved cat, we welcomed our first litter of kittens into our family. Five beautiful babies arrived early one morning last week. My daughter and I were blessed to bear witness to this event. Payton was attached instantly and I can honestly say it was love at first sight.

Goodbye, for now, to our cat who bonded so well with our baby. Hello, to the babies who helped us expand our hearts and deepen our love for all things animal related.

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