Thursday, June 16, 2016

Riley is 11 Months

My beautiful baby boy is growing so fast. I'm sad to see his sweet baby face changing into more of a toddler face but I'm also loving the personality we are gaining more insight into. Riley, you are one of the sweetest babies I have ever met. You especially love your mama and sissy. 

Age:  11 months

Stats: I should delete this section, I have no idea. He is wearing some 12 month stuff and some 18 month clothes.

Nicknames: Riley, Bug, Baby, little guy.

Milestones: Riley loves to babble talk. He is slowly picking up the sign language we are working on but he may not use much anyways. He is already saying "nana" for banana, "Dadda" and "tada." His sister is in dance class and says tada after everything now. He must have picked up on this.

Riley still sleeps horribly at night. He is the best day time sleeper though. If he was my first child, I would be getting tons of day sleep in and/or have a clean house. With a toddler in tow as well, I have a messy house and get no sleep. I've accepted this is just a season of life.

Favorite things: Riley is really starting to show his interests now. He loves trucks, babies, his pacis, books, bath time, and his mama. He loves to eat and so far hasn't turned any food down. 

Signature moves: Spitting in command (or when he wants attention), cuddling, saying "tada" with his hands in the air are all signature moves with Riley. He moves fast and can be out of a room in a split second so he keeps me on my toes with his disappearing act.

Next month, my youngest is 1. How can that be?

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