Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh, How I Love Summer

I haven't had a free moment to blog about our summer, but it's been off to a great (and busy) start. We've been busy enjoying life to the fullest. Our days are filled with breakfasts on the patio, dancing, gymnastics, company, walks, kitties, parades, parties, and pool time. 

At the end of last summer we snagged a great deal on an above ground pool. We were hesitant to put up this summer, but it's totally been worth it already! We are using our pool almost daily.

Last night we went to our nearest big town and watched a live performance outside. It was so fun but the drive home was oh so not fun. Think screaming vehicle. Our toddler is still passed out at 9am (unusual for her these days) while our infant didn't sleep much last night (par for the course). I'm really just going to dump photos of our last few weeks, so here we go:

And can I just say, I feel like I no longer have a baby on my hands but a not quite walking, but close toddler on my hands. He's so grown up.
And he turns 1 in 13 days. My goodness time goes fast.

Summer is my jam! Let the good times roll!

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