Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Gymnastics Perfomance, All Things Water, and the Animal Park

It has been a few weeks since my last post and quite a bit has happened. In the past, I always have trouble keeping posts up during the summer and that seems to be the case this year. At least I'm getting the occasional posts though and I'm satisfied with that. Here are some highlights from the last few weeks:

1. Gymnastics Presentation and Celebration

Payton had her gymnastics performance and did awesome. The performance started at 5PM so we all ate a very early dinner and headed to the middle school gym. All different age groups were showcased so it took a few hours. When done, we headed out for an ice cream and cookie dessert at Payton's place of choice to celebrate the end of her gymnastics season. FYI- she chose McDonald's. We are so proud of Payton and her progress over the year.
Payton was so excited to have "fans" there to watch her. I have to tell you, we will always be her biggest fans.

2. We're All About All Things Water

So, we have been to our splash pad, swam at our public pool, ran through sprinklers, splashed in the mud puddles, walked in the lake (or beach as Payton calls it), danced in the rain, and swam in our kiddie pool already this summer. We really love any water related activity. Riley also loves the mud and Payton does not. She will avoid getting dirty at all costs. So, today, while Riley sprinted in the water puddles in our driveway, Payton chose to water plants.

Payton also started swimming lessons this week. She was so scared to go to her first class but she did so awesome once she was there. We're excited to see how much she learns.

3. Riley turns 2 this Summer

In about a month, our baby turns 2. It's so hard to believe and the time just seems to go faster and faster. Payton is so excited for his party and is already planning the desserts we will have for it. We will have a family party with my side of the family in a few weeks as we all get together for a camping trip. I'm just so excited to celebrate this little love.

4. Payton continues to take selfies and pictures daily

It's hard to keep track of my phone these days as little hands always seem to run off with it. Payton loves to take pictures and asking others to take pictures of her and I have had days where I delete 200+ pictures at a time. It's frustrating sometimes. But, sometimes, I run across a real gem.

5. Feeding the Animals

The kids really want to go to the zoo. We still haven't made it there as it is quite a ways to travel for the nearest zoo but we did take them to an animal park. Payton loved feeding the geese. They loved her and followed her around almost the whole park. Riley loved waving and blowing kisses at the donkeys. And life is never dull when you throw donuts into the mix.

6. Family Pictures

So, it has been a long time since we had family pictures done. Like almost two years. That is probably too long. I didn't even ask to get pictures done, we just happened to win a free family session. It's like the photographer knew it was long overdue for us. We spent one evening extra cleaned up and hoped that Riley would stay out of mud puddles until the pictures were done. The pressure was really on when I put him in white.
The pictures turned out fantastic and I hope to get them up here soon.

That's really all that we've been up to. We are outside every chance we get and the sun is really taking it out of us. The kids go right to bed at night and I find myself napping during their quiet time in the afternoons. This is what I love about summer though and I hope that my kids will appreciate these memories when they're older.

I hope your summer is off to a great start as well!

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