Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bump Update: 20 Weeks

To my little one #3:

We are already at halfway and I feel like I just found out yesterday I was pregnant. Time goes by so fast and I have a feeling you will speed things up even more for me. Payton and Riley are anxiously awaiting your arrival and seem extra excited for Christmas this year.

I haven't even put together a pregnancy journal so I must apologize. I'm still hoping to get one started but it's a challenge to find the time to do it all. At least you will have this post (and hopefully a few others) to read about my pregnancy with you. That's something at least.
Here we are at 20 weeks (and a fewish days).

So an update to this pregnancy:
Gender: Unknown, we may find out this week though. Payton and Riley are both saying they think girl. 

Maternity clothes: I'm in a mixture of my regular clothes and maternity clothes. I'm slowly making the transition. I did buy a new maternity dress (as shown in the picture) for a bridal shower and rehearsal that I need to be dressed up for. 

Sleep: I am sleeping really well when I get to sleep. Two other kids that still sometimes get up at night can make it rough for me to sleep. We had a stomach bug this week so that made sleep a challenge.  
Best moment this month: It's been so much fun watching both kids show so much interest in the new baby to come. Riley will talk and pat my belly. Payton will talk about the new baby and explain to her brother how to care for the baby when he/she comes.

Worst moment this month: Getting the stomach bug was very hard for us, but we are so thankful that Monte stepped up his game and helped greatly at our house. We couldn't do this life without him!

Miss anything: There isn't really anything I'm missing but I am nervous to go back to the bubble that comes with having a newborn. It's been nice to have a good rhythm going with the 2 kids, but I know I will find another balance with 3 kids. I just have to give it time.
Movement: I really just started feeling movement and it's still pretty periodic. It won't be long before I'm feeling plenty of movement I'm sure. 

Cravings: I'm hungry constantly but not necessarily for anything in particular. I seem to prefer foods with gravy and anything with salt. 

Queasy or sick: Feeling good.

Looking forward to: Despite my fears about the new baby coming, I am getting really excited to meet this little one. We can't wait to see what you look like and hold you. You are so loved by your little family. 
You are already getting well acquainted with our little side road and country home!


  1. You look great, Kelly, and, if you share it on the blog, I'm excited to find out what you're having! We didn't find out but this baby's gender but my 4-year-old is set on having a girl :) It's cute but I'm trying to prepare him incase we have another boy!

    I hear you on feeling anxious about entering the "newborn zone" again. The adjustment is intimidating but we'll make it through, after a few months ;)

    1. There's something to me said about someone who can wait to find out the gender until he baby comes! Youvrock! I lack that kind of patience.

      It's so crazy to think about going back into the baby bubble. Our daughter has been determined to get a sister! It's hard to know how 4 year olds will respond if they don't get their way on the gender predictions.


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