Friday, July 21, 2017

Camping Trip #2 in the Books

Monte took a few days off work earlier this week and we decided to sneak off with our family for a quick camping trip. This was our second trip this summer and the kids had a blast.
Seriously, don't they look so happy? 4 year old girls are meant to run around in a princess dress any where they go and remind everyone that life is really about being who you truly are.

We snagged a spot right next to the camp playground and I think my husband and I both questioned how that was going to go. On the one hand, they may beg to go constantly and take off frequently for the slides. On the other hand, they may do really well and only go with permission. We were in luck as the latter happened.
 We weren't super close to swimming, which is the one thing I don't love about our local camping area, but we did make the drive over to swim once with the kids. They had so much fun.
The rest of our time was spent close to our camper. The kids loved the hammock we have, frequent walks, and playing badminton together.
Unfortunately, like the first trip, bedtime did not go over very well. We fought the kids to sleep for several hours and then Riley only slept a few hours before trying to get up again. He kick started his day at 5AM. We were so tired. I'm willing to overlook that though as the kids are seriously in their element when we camp and have spent the rest of the week pretending to camp around the house.

I'm currently on the lookout for good, easy meals to make while camping. We've done walking tacos (made the taco meat before hand and then reheated in crockpot with a liner) and hamburger meals in foil (just take raw burger, veggies of choice, butter, and a bit of water and then cook on fire). I like to take cinnamon rolls already made or cereal for easy breakfast choices. We just tried campfire dump cake and that was really good but I'd suggest adding more liquid to the cake mix (like maybe a diet soda, water, or milk). I just want to have some more variety when we camp. What are you making when you camp?

Another great camping trip in the books and we are so looking forward to another trip, possibly this weekend.

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