Wednesday, November 20, 2013


As a new mom, I am quickly learning that we are provided with millions of moments to
feel guilty! Those feelings can also be linked to "I am just not good enough." 
These nasty thoughts sneak right on in at any available opportunity. During mornings when I am not quite ready for my child to get up, but she is. When I am multitasking and realize I lost a special moment of playtime with my daughter. As I workout and grocery shop after my baby's bedtime only to realize my husband and I could have used that time to reconnect. During a chocolate feast (I do love chocolate) only to recount its been days since you worked out long enough to earn this many extra calories!
Let's face it, raising a family is challenging. You are pulled so many different directions; you begin to feel like you can never win. I have had those days, too.
If you are anything like me, these moments of negativity spread like wildfire to all aspects of my life! I lose my positive perspective and let myself mentally degrade who I am and my downfalls. I have to squash these thoughts as soon as they enter my mind or it becomes disastrous.
God gives us the ups and downs in life for a reason! We can learn from them as we learn to manage and redirect our thoughts and feelings!
I remind myself to think about how I am just having a bad day, not a bad life! Truth be told, I Love my life (with a capital L). Being a mommy and wife is a pretty sweet gig! So, I take a moment to focus on the positives and thank God for the day I have been given.
So move over negative thoughts! Bring on more precious moments with my family as I balance day-to-day duties of running a household, working, and taking care of myself!
How do you manage your feelings of "not good enough?"

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