Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Baby's First Food Story & Baby Food Journal

We waited until 6 months to start our little one on solid foods. It made cloth diapering easier up until this point because breastfed babies have water soluble poop (put all diapers straight into the washer with no cleanup). We chose not to start our little girl on rice cereal. Our reason was mostly because we don’t keep that in stock at our house, but also because there is no nutritional value in rice cereal. That said, bear in mind that babies are eating at 4-6 months for socialized behavior, not for nutritional purposes.

In any case, we have FINALLY started solid foods with our little one! We started with oats mixed with breast milk. I carefully stirred and heated this concoction to PERFECTION, then gave it to my little one. To my horror, she spit the food out and started to gag! Needless to say, by the end of our first feeding (less than a teaspoon put in mouth I would guess), I thought our daughter would never eat solid foods. Images of me breastfeeding my child until she was 6 started to grow in my mind. Boy, did I think I screwed up big time!

My family reassured me that she would get it eventually and as we moved into another food, I learned they were right. The first two weeks, we did oats and breast milk only during dinner with the same results. Then, tonight, I decided to start green beans pureed with milk. She LOVED it! Thank goodness! Since, she only had about 3 bites tonight I put the remainder mixture in an ice cube tray in the freezer so I can easily pull out her meals for the next 5 nights!

We decided to do a food journal so that we can track possible allergies. This will work well now since we can only introduce 1 new food about every 5 or so days (doctor recommended). We are starting off with this log.

What food journal/log did you use?

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