Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Making a Change: 28th Day Check-In

So... It has been 28 days since I set my goal to kick my old habit (overly controlling of everything in my life) an form a new habit. If you are behind on this, read my original post here

Before I give you an official update, I wanted to mention that shortly after deciding to make this change, I saw a commercial for Esurance considering the idea of a control freak actually being more of a control enthusiast. Ehhh, why didn't I think of that?!?! Instead of changing, I could just reframe how I am in the most positive light! 

Okay, that's now how this story goes!

Becoming less controlling is much easier said than done. I have taken a few steps forward only to land myself a few steps back. The main point is that I am growing and changing! I just need time and patience. Thankfully, my family gives me both.

After completing this challenging activity with the husband, we redefined our household duties. I gladly gave up having the hubby pack his own breakfast and lunch each day for work as it gave me some extra sleep time each morning (which I desperately need). 

The other day, I texted my husband this picture (isn't she a doll):

My text to him said: "Loving my lunch date! Eating a PB&J sandwich, frozen fruit, and pudding cup." I proceeded to ask what he had packed that day only to learn he took a pudding cup. Yes, just a pudding cup. Now that isn't enough for him to eat, nor is that the healthiest option. *As a side note, this isn't acheap lunch   option either and is a special tees in our house (I bought clearances out). Read more about our financial situation here.

Needless to say, I grabbed our daughter and ran a sandwich to him. He is still packing his lunches but I am paying much more attention to what he is packing!

I am focusing mostly on letting thugs around our house be a bit messier than I would like them to. As I get overwhelmed with the piling dust, unwashed dishes, and hear laundry beckoning I start the washer, I tell myself, "these will get done... eventually. For now, I am ______." I take several deep breathes and focus myself to whatever I was doing.

It's getting easier and easier everyday! I find that I am less stressed when I am not constantly running like an energizer bunny and making a gazillion lists to cross off! 

How are you doing with your goal(s)?

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