Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Power of Facebook... and other Social Media Networking Sites

As I was speaking with a friend today, we started discussing Facebook. She mentioned to me a mutual friend of ours and how PERFECT her life looked. At the time, I agreed. It wasn't until my drive home that I started to think about the realty of social media sites.
You choose to be ANYONE you want
You are able to choose what pieces of your life you expose to the world.
For example, we all market ourselves on Facebook in ways that match how we want others to perceive us. For instance, think of someone you know that puts tons of information that you know isn't true. Like that person always making a big deal about how they love being a parent and you happen to know they are rarely with their child. Yeah, that gets under my skin, too.
You get a choice everyday of what information you want exposed on social media sites!
Facebook is not good when you are feeling sad, depressed, and/ or down in the dumps
Hop on Facebook at any time and you can see how amazing everyone else's lives are. This can also help you amplify how cruddy your life is and provide a constant reminder of what you are missing.
The good thing about Facebook is it can keep you connected to other people that you rarely see! Keep in mind though, social media sites don't make up for that need to touch (hug, hold, kiss) others that we all share as human beings. Nor does it always facilitate that deeper connection that we all desire periodically.
So put down the phone and let the computer sleep (it deserves a rest I am sure) and go live life for a minute without social media sites involved!

What do you think you will miss?!?!

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