Friday, March 14, 2014

A Day in My Life...

I follow many blogs and one of my favorite posts to read enlighten me about a typical day in that blogger's life. When I think about my own life, my "typical" day has changed significantly over the years as I am sure many of yours has as well. Once, I was a high school student and had my days filled with dance team practice, sports games, classes, studying, and friends. I then ventured off to college where my days (and priorities) switched to academics, my boyfriend (now husband), shopping, friends, parties, and finding myself while learning to be away from my family.

Flash forward a few several years and now I am married, with a child, 2 dogs, a mortgage, and a job. Man, does life change fast?!?!? It seems like just yesterday I was saying goodbye to my parents and climbing into my packed (to the brim) Pontiac Grand Am and driving off to college. I digress.

My days are more or less defined by my child these days. For me, that is exactly how I want it and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Before I go through my schedule I want to forewarn you that although I wish I could be like other fellow momma bloggers who rise an hour before their child to work out, shower, pray. and read, that is not the case for me. I LOVE my sleep, am not a morning person, and therefore let my child be my alarm clock. In many ways, I wish I was that mom as my day would probably feel a lot less, ummm, crazy busy. So there's my self-disclosure! Here we go. A somewhat typical weekday with my little:

Wake up.

Change and feed my little one. Eat breakfast together. 

Do a little cleaning. Today, I vacuumed while holding the little one as she screams at the noise if not held. I would have taken a pic if I had an extra arm as it is a sight to see! We then take and send a silly pic or two to the hubby.

Change diaper and change outfits (current one had some moisture leak through, whoops). We then play together for a bit!

Nap time for baby. I work on what needs done! Today, I blogged.

Change diaper again, feed baby, and then lunchtime. I had leftover baked potato and my little one had green beans. She is my fav lunch date:

Then, it's playtime again and I try to return some calls and throw a load of laundry in the washer. By the way, do you ever feel like this is you:

Laugh out loud! I received this in a baby center email today and it totally fits!

 Okay, back to my day! I also prepare whatever I need for dinner. We are having chicken and rice so I pull chicken out of the freezer.

I workout (Zumba and 10 minute abs today) with my assistant:

She watches, dances, and laughs. Yes, laughs at me.

This wears us both out so after another diaper change (yes, lots of diaper changes) it's naptime again! I continue to work on my blog stuff with Friends playing in the background!

Since I feel icky from a workout, I shower. Then, it's more playtime for the little and me until the hubby gets home (my favorite part of the day)! I do try to pick up before he gets home so our house looks less chaotic and feels less overwhelming.

The calmness feeling dissipates about 2 minutes after the hubby gets home when our little one runs through the house again. 

We take a family stroll through the park, I cook dinner, we eat, and then we focus on getting our little into bed.

After our little one falls asleep, the hubby and I literally crash on the sofa where we remain until bedtime! Whew, what a day!

I go to bed early most nights and typically am up several times to give our baby her pacifier and complete at least one feeding (sometimes 2-3 feedings) during the night.

Oh, Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! I went through the whole day forgetting about this fact! That would have never happened before baby but that is how my mind works now!

What does your typical day look like?

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