Friday, March 7, 2014

Saving Money with Wool Dryer Balls

About a year ago I stumbled across a Facebook group discussion on wool dryer balls being used as a replacement for dryer sheets and fabric softeners. What? Uh, Come again?

Okay, so this was a new concept to me, but isn't a new idea at all. People have been using wool dryer sheets for years as an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

I was given a set as a gift by my wonderful hubby (he made himself, he's so handy) and I will never go back to dryer sheets! To possibly help convince you to make the switch, here are 10 reasons why you should use wool dryer balls:

1. Wool dryer balls will save you money.

You will spend less when you aren't buying fabric softener and dryer sheets. Which, I promise, you won't miss!

Your drying time will most likely decrease as well, saving you money on energy costs. That savings will add up over time!

2. They last a long time and are reuseable.

I have not had a dryer ball break on me yet! They are used with each and every load of laundry that goes into the dryer!

3. They can cut drying time.

Wool will actually help to absorb some of the moisture in the dryer, helping your clothes dry faster! The more wool dryer balls you put in your dryer, the less time needed to dry. 

By the way, I currently have 7 wool dryer balls in use.

4. Wool dryer balls are cloth diaper friendly.

For those that cloth diaper, you can use these. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are NOT recommended for cloth diapers.

5. Scents can still be infused in your laundry.

Think you will miss out on the great scents you get from dryer sheets and fabric softeners? Have no fear! You can put a drop of essential oil (I use lavender or tea tree oil) on your dryer balls to keep your laundry scented without the chemicals.

6. They are safe for sensitive skin.

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets have chemicals and scents used to make your clothes smell good. When you wear your clothes (or use your towels, etc.) these products end up on your skin and can cause irritation. 

This has never personally been an issue for me but is a concern for my husband and child, who have very sensitive skin. There are no concerns of irritation with wool dryer balls.

7. Wool dryer balls are made from a renewable resource.

Wool is a natural material and a renewable resource. Just a fun fact you can brag about!

8. Warning: Your towels may become fluffier and softer. 

Yes, beware of this! Those balls bouncing around in the dryer, pushing up against your clothes and towels, may just cause your stuff to have more fluff! Don't be surprised if you want to lay down in the soft, warm clothes when you immediately pull them out of the dryer as well.

Additionally, wool dryer balls can help cut down on the static

9. They don't affect absorbency.

Your towels will still absorb as normal!

10. Wool dryer balls require no care and upkeep!

Just toss it in your dryer and forget about it! Yes, it's that easy! I am sure you have a million other things to worry about anyways!

Okay, if that list doesn't convince you, I don't know what will! 

Why did you (or won't you) make the switch to wool dryer balls?

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