Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monday Came Twice This Week

Is it just our house or are we all wondering when Friday will get here? This hasn't been the best week for us. Yesterday, we had family pictures that ended in meltdowns, tears, and no good holiday card worthy pics. Our poor photographer. Seriously, she was a trooper despite 2 dogs yelping and trying to run off and an 18 month old who refused to smile. We are going for round 2 next week in hopes of a better shoot!

Last night, our toddler woke up at about 2am and then refused to go back to sleep until 5am (5:20 to be exact). I am definitely doing all I can to stay awake today. Lack of sleep has made everyone a little cranky! To top it off, one of our dogs got sick and I got to spend some time scrubbing carpet. Monday came twice this week at our house.

This week hasn't been all bad though. I continue to marvel at how fun life is for a toddler as she explores her world!

Is it Friday yet? Hope your week is going better than ours has!

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