Thursday, June 18, 2015

Children's Museum

We have been wanting to take our toddler to our nearest children's museum for quite some time now. With our due date for baby #2 rapidly approaching, it was time to put the pedal to the metal and make the trip to the museum. This mean a 40 minute drive one-way. We found the experience well worth it! 

Payton only made it a little over an hour at the museum, which we expected. It was a lot to take in for her. Boy was she busy for that period of time though. And so excited. And so happy. She had a blast shopping for groceries, putting boats in the water, meeting other chdren, and shoving a whole weeks worth of activities into 60 minutes.

If you have a children's museum nearby and haven't made the trip with your child yet, I believe you will find it going to at least once! I looked into the membership pass and that could be worth getting if you think you will be able to go frequently. Our family would only need to go about 4 times to break even with the yearly fee.

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