Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Festivities: A parade, bounce house, and splash pad... oh my!

Pregnancy, the heat and humidity, and our daughter's eczema seem to have really slowed us down this summer. We had spent most of last week stuck indoors for those reasons so when the weekend rolled around we decided it was time to get outdoors for a bit. Lucky for us, our town was having their yearly celebration and gave us several festivities to attend with our daughter.

First, we kicked off our Friday with a bounce house party in the center of our town. Our daughter had a blast despite my concern that she would be scared to go without her parents into the bounce house. She totally shocked me when she had no issues. Sad moment for mommy. I was proud, too, but it's amazing how independent she has become.

Our local (and new) hamburger joint offered free ice cream and we couldn't resist stopping in for some of that! Ice cream, hamburgers, and malts are where it's at.

On Saturday, we watched a local parade and Payton collected more candy than a 2 year old should ever have at once! I gladly helped her consume her bag of goodies. Afterwards, we did some quick shopping downtown before heading to our new splash pad! We are so excited that our town built this! It was a total hit for our family.

How was your weekend?

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