Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Goals Update

Since it's been over a month since I shared my summer goals for 2015 with you, I wanted to check in and give an update about where we are with meeting our goals now. I am not sure how much progress will be made after this post as I feel our baby due date is sneaking up on us. At our last ob appointment, we learned this baby could definitely be coming earlier than mid-July. Gulp! That is right around the corner!

In any case, here's our current progress:

1. Increase Payton's Library Attendance
I would say that I have made it to over half of these weekly sessions in the last month. At least one time story time was cancelled by the library, so missing that one wasn't my fault. I would say we are at least progressing on this goal, for now!

2. Get Outside
This goal is not going well. We have had high heat mixed with high levels of humidity. Not a good combination. The mosquitoes are out in full force and, despite using bug spray constantly, we are getting eaten alive. I'm very afraid of getting West Nile from these pesky creatures so unfortunately this has kept us indoors.

When we get outside, for brief periods of time, we are enjoying our time!

3. Prepare for Baby 
I still have not started our baby boy's room yet and I feel like this is a ticking time bomb. I could end up waiting too long and having to figure this out after he arrives.

On the plus side, I have been stocking up on basic items we use frequently (kleenex, toilet paper, and napkins) and have started getting freezer meals (beef and corn enchiladas, muffins, pizza crust, and breakfast burritos are done) in the freezer. When my daughter was born, the last thing we wanted to do was run to the store for anything!

Of course, I am already out of freezer room though and we have now decided to buy a new freezer to have as a spare. Since our current deep freeze is always full, it is probably time to add the second freezer. As we continue to buy our meat yearly and freeze apples from our apple tree our new freezer should stay stocked. Talk about expensive though! 

4. Grow a Garden
Done and done! The biggest issue now is we are not taking the time to weed like we should. We are hoping to get better at this. My grandmother came to visit and has helped us tremendously with the gardening.

5. Take a Quick, Close to Home Vacation
This may or may not even be a realistic goal. My husband's work schedule has had him traveling like crazy, but I hope to make a quick getaway before our next little one arrives. Before our daughter, we used to vacation all over the world but those trips have been postponed (indefinitely) while growing our family. We did take a quick vacation last year over Valentine's day and we had such a blast! I miss traveling and seeing the world sometimes, but for now, I really love our quick weekend road trips that happen annually with my expanding family.

How are your goals coming along?

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