Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Infant Toys and Toddlers

It's been so fun to watch my toddler react to infant items she once used. She definitely doesn't remember using them (but she will try to tell you she does), but she is surely set on using them now. As I flashed through my pictures this morning (because it's quiet and I miss my babies), I found a running theme in many pictures from this week. My daughter loves my son's toys:

As we are entering into a phase where my daughter doesn't always want to share, I use these periods of time as teachable moments. Her brother shares with her, so she should share something with him. So far it works and is evidenced in all the pink gear our baby boy is surrounded by.
I continue to embrace watching their relationship grow and am so blessed to call them my own. They are bonded for life, for better or worse.

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