Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Toddler Hair

Someday down the road, after trying millions of hair care products, my toddler daughter may wonder what products will ever work for her. I thought it may be a good idea to post about what products we currently use to keep this mane tamed. One day, my child, I will be ready for your question on hair care.
Can I just say, I love this head of curls. Love, love, love. Seriously. Her hair just might honestly be a slight obsession of mine. Curls for days...

So what do we use? We keep it simple. We use Doterra essentials shampoo and conditioner in the bath. After getting her out of the tub, I spray It's a 10 miracle leave-in treatment and brush through her hair briefly with a pick. I finish with a small amount of Brocato curlinterrupted curl calming balm and scrunch her hair together as I apply.

About 1-2 times per month I put coconut oil in her hair and let it set for the entire bath, rinsing it out before I get Payton out of the tub. Her hair looks oily (and kind of gross) for a few days but then it looks extremely shiny and healthy after that.

We had a period of time where Payton's hair had pieces in the back that were extremely coarse and dry. The remedy we found for that was the coconut oil and limiting how often we wash her hair. Daily washing doesn't work well for our daughter so we try to space at least a day or two between hair washes.

So, that's it and it works for us. As a side note, we also have found we can't wash our daughter's skin every day either. She has had eczema since birth and every other day works best for her. We have found Dove sensitive skin soap to be right for her sensitive skin. We also have to stay away from scented lotions.

Keeping it simple and easy it what seems to work best for this mama. I can only keep up with so much! ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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