Thursday, March 24, 2016

My toddler changes the way I think

Children change a parent in so many ways. I love my job as a mom. It's hard and I'm tired but I wouldn't change my time with my babies for anything. Lately, I've taken note at ways that my toddler has really changed me, for the better. The biggest way seems to be in how I think and approach life.

My daughter has been really intrigued by the moon lately. She goes to bed early (7:30pm) and doesn't always get to see the moon so that could be part of the interest. She points out the moon in books, on tv, and in the sky. 

Lately we've been lucky to spot the moon during the day which is a real treat. Payton will spend countless time staring at the moon and talking to it. She loves to ask if it's sleeping or awake. When she swings, she tells us she wants to go high enough to visit the moon.

I didn't know she was having any major impact on me in regards to the moon. Then, one morning when all was still quiet and both kids were still sleeping, I went to open the curtains and there sat the moon. I sat there in silence soaking up the beauty that the moon has to offer. How often do we really stop to observe our environment? Children have a beautiful way of taking life slowly and appreciating all that is around them.

Thank you, my babies, for all the life lessons you are teaching me about life.

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